Hillingham House


A mysterious and abandoned mansion in Hampstead, this home was the site of some unusual seismic activity, at least according to a somewhat unusual researcher, Dr. Henry Loughlin. When an investigative team of Frankie Savage, Ilari Vasyl and Cal Morrison investigated the house they found high tech cameras on the outside of the home, a disturbing amount of graffiti, a sarcophagus and coffin in the basement behind a sealed door, as well as a sealed door on the second floor with a room that was preserved as it would have been in the 1890’s. In addition, in the basement coffin they found a brooch (Hillingham Brooch) as well as some unusual photographs in the preserved room. The photographs were various candid shots of Tabitha Holmwood and Lord Godalming. It was here, of course, where they encountered agents that were somewhere between human and supernatural as well as the Hampstead Wolf.

When a brief investigation was performed, the initial report stated the home was owned by a holding company. Further, Ilari Vasyl determined that there was an extremely high likelihood this was the home once owned by Lucy Westerna and her mother in the novel, Dracula.

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Hillingham House

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