The School

ht_paris_kab_140221_16x9_608.jpgSomewhere, located in Western Europe there is a place where dreams are destroyed and killers are made. This place is known as ‘The School.’

Reportedly, this location was established by some unknown third party, loyal to Western interests and sought black budget funding from the United States, France, West Germany, Italy and England. The pitch was simple – rumors persisted that the Soviet Union has created a special school where gifted children were sent to be reeducated as the perfect agents and killer in loyal service to the Soviet ideals. Therefore, in order for the West to not fall behind, they needed to respond with their own establishment.

Most agents in the intelligence community have at the very least heard about this place where strength is built through eroding emotional ties, but many think it is a legend or some kind of punchline to a joke. Very few people claim to have proof of its existence and fewer still claim to have seen the place with their own eyes. Differing theories exist as to whether it trained just males, or just females as well as what kind of training regimen the students were put through. But for most, this place is as rumored as ‘Accident Island,’ the place were agents are sent to ‘retire.’

Assuming it does exist, the governments of the West have plausible deniability as they do not run the organization, a third party does who, in turn, provides these governments with efficient and ruthless killers and emotionless agents. This creates a very efficient and worthwhile system for those governments who need a powerful lone agent to carry out nearly impossible tasks.

Either way, there are some who believe that the location did exist at one time but was shut down in the early 1990’s when it was apparent that the Cold War was over. But then there are some who say that it just went deeper underground.

One man who may have had more to do with The School than he would care to admit is Pascal Lerue, a shadowy agent operating throughout Europe and Russia.

The School

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