Darkest Night


An exclusive, members-only establishment, in the Notting Hill area of London, this mansion is both impressive and secretive. Whereas membership is kept as a jealously guarded secret, those who are granted membership can find some of the finest food and beverage services available. However, the main reason individuals join is due to the high-end escorts that are available. Whereas the establishment mostly caters to men, there are some female members of the club that also may have their whims catered to. The outside world merely thinks it is an upscale club for wealthy and aristocratic individuals to play cards or talk politics.

First established in 1900, the club boasts a professional staff of chefs, valets, masseuses and drivers are employed by the club to ensure that their members are well taken care of. The current Club Secretary, Magda Vasilescu, personally oversees every last detail for any events and soirees that the club sponsors. These parties have tight security by armed guards so that club members can relax and indulge without fear of intruders.

Whereas ‘Darkest Night’ may seem like an unusual or ominous name for a high-end, posh club of sexual indulgences, some suggest it comes from the same line of thinking as Sir Francis Dashwood’s Hellfire Club.

Obviously, for all the art, fine furniture, exquisite food and drink that the club provides, the main draw is and always has been the women (or men). The club provides the finest escorts that Europe has to offer. Whereas it is true that many of them come from Eastern Europe and as such are Romanians, Hungarians, Czechs and Ukrainians, there can often be found Irish, French and even Americans in the mansion.

To those in the know, this establishment is certainly on the radar of those interested in investigating human trafficking operations but as far as anyone can tell, the women employed are there of their own accord and are paid well. One such employee, Hanna Stasuk, has been employed for over a year and seems to have a connection with Ilari Vasyl.

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Darkest Night

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