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  • Hamilton Hoyt

    Until three years ago, Hamilton Hoyt was a high ranking [[CIA]] case officer working throughout Europe, with connections with [[:eloise-buckley | Eloise Buckley]] and [[:steffi-hanzer-unicorn | Steffi Hanzer]] (AKA The Unicorn). Eventually, Hoyt grew …

  • Athena Mykanos

    Athena Mykanos is the bodyguard and driver (and sometimes hitter) for [[:hamilton-hoyt | Hamilton Hoyt]] in [[The Union]], Hoyt's small criminal gang operating through Europe. An effective operative, Mykanos is ruthless killer and loyal to Hoyt. …

  • Jakub Pekar

    Jakub Pekar works for [[:hamilton-hoyt | Hamilton Hoyt]] in [[The Union]], his criminal operation. Perkar acts as a point man and fixer, usually the first to meet with prospective clients for their business operations.

  • Tekla Lueschech

    Tekla Lueschech is an employee of the criminal organization, [[The Union]], answering to [[:hamilton-hoyt | Hamilton Hoyt]]. Her expertise is wetworks and assassinations but she also brings connections with the central and eastern European drug trade. …

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