Wolfgang Fechtner

Driver and Document Forger


Trust given:

Trust gained:

  • Cal (Matt) 1
  • Ilari (Steve) 1
  • Vincente (Billy) 1
  • Franco (Amy) 0

Network Contacts (Network pool = 4):

Known Aliases (Cover pool = 1):

  • Emilio Cannelli (Cover 1) (Italian passport)
  • Andrew Davison (Cover 5) (British LEO credential), MI-5 field agent
  • Abelard Fischer (Cover 1) (German passport)
  • Andreas Perini (Cover 1) (Italian passport)
  • Dieter von Vega (Cover 1) (B-list German film producer)
  • Prof. Karl Teicher (Cover 1) (geology professor; German passport)
  • Carlito Nelini (Cover 1) (Italian passport)
  • Detective Chief Inspector George Bentley (Cover 1) (British LEO credential)
  • Michael Saunders (Cover 1) (British passport), reporter for the Guardian
  • Klaus Richter (Cover 1) (German passport and hunting license)


Health 10
Stability 10

Investigative Abilities:
Accounting 1, Archaeology 1, Architecture 1, Astronomy 1, Bullshit Detector 1, Bureaucracy 1, Chemistry 2, Cop Talk 1, Cryptography 1 (free from Digital Intrusion 8+), Data Recovery 1, Electronic Surveillance 1, Flattery 1, Flirting 1, Forgery 5 (British LEO credentials, German passports, Italian passports, occult books, Vatican documents), Fringe Science 1, Geology 1, High Society 1, Human Terrain 1, Languages 3 (English, French, German (native), Italian, Lip Reading, Romanian), Law 1, Negotiation 1, Notice 1, Occult Studies 2, Outdoor Survival 1, Photography 1, Reassurance 1, Research 1, Streetwise 2 (1 free), Tradecraft 1 (free), Traffic Analysis 1, Urban Survival 2 (Vienna), Vampirology 2

General Abilities:
Athletics 1, Conceal 1, Digital Intrusion 8, Disguise 1, Driving 10 (MOS; automobile, motorcycle, truck), Filch 1, Infiltration 8, Mechanics 8, Medic 1, Piloting 8 (small boats, yachts, single-engine light aircraft, helicopters), Preparedness 8, Sense Trouble 1, Shooting 1, Shrink 1


  • Driving 8+: Gear Devil; Grand Theft Auto
  • Infiltration 8+: Open Sesame
  • Mechanics 8+: Swiss Army Prep
  • Piloting 8+: Gear Devil; Grand Theft Aero/Aqua
  • Preparedness 8+: In the Nick of Time

Sources of Stability:

  • Symbol: The hood ornament from a 1990 BMW Z1 Roadster, the first car he ever drove.
  • Solace: Marika Skinsky. Like Marika, Wolfgang is a bit of a thrill-seeker, so he finds solace in his frequent trips to Bucharest to race with her.
  • Safety: Grandfather’s cabin in the German Alps, near the A 8 (Autobahn) between Munich and Salzburg.


  • Collector (p. 39, NBA). Once we start finding intel on vampires, perhaps I won’t be able to stop.

Edom Codename: BARKER

Wolfgang Fechtner (b. 1981 Oct 22, Mainz, West Germany) is a field agent in the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND; Federal Intelligence Service).

Last year, Wolfgang was sent to London to recover a ring reported to have once been owned by Heinrich Himmler. He arrived at Sotheby’s just in time to witness a backroom deal in which Luther von Heiss paid another man for the ring with a briefcase containing two bars of Nazi gold.

Shortly after, Cal came to him because he needed papers to get out of London.

Wolfgang’s former handler, Johan Schmidt, retired last year. They ran into each other in Bucharest a few months ago, when Schmidt was working for the Mirga crime syndicate, smuggling…soil.

Wolfgang met Marika Skinsky, the best smuggler in Eastern Europe, at a street race in Bucharest. Each was impressed with the other’s driving skills, and it was then that Marika decided to subcontract a job to him. She had no desire to leave Eastern Europe, but she needed a package delivered to the cartel in Le Havre (just across the English Channel from Portsmouth). This earned him the ire of Luludi Mirga, of the Mirga crime syndicate, because he had not paid his dues to the syndicate for performing illegal work. Nonetheless, Wolfgang has returned to Bucharest many times since he first met Marika; Marika loves to race cars, boats, and motorcycles, and Wolfgang likes the thrill of the chase, the sexual tension, and the money from their frequent bets.

During one of Wolfgang’s visits to Bucharest, he and Pascal pulled a body from the Danube. The body was a hacker who had sold out both of their cover identities to the Mirga syndicate. The only reason Pascal and Wolfgang got out alive was because Wolfgang was able to forge new cover documents. Pascal paid Wolfgang for the work in Nazi gold—one bar—which is now stored in a safety deposit box in London, along with a “Bourne” kit.

Franco Draga Selvaggio and Wolfgang broke out of jail Brendan O’Banion, a bomb expert for the Real IRA. Frankie needed O’Banion, who had promised Interpol some intel, but no one there would believe the rookie Interpol officer, so Franco blackmailed Wolfgang into helping with the escape, threatening to blow his cover otherwise. The very next week, one of O’Banion’s bombs went off at Picadilly Circus, killing several children. Wolfgang keeps a cutout of the London Times article, and the picture haunts him every night.

A recent assignment had Wolfgang watching Tabitha Holmwood, a minor noble who is London’s version of Paris Hilton. During the assignment, Tabitha was seeing Erik Bennet III, an American lawyer representing an import-export company. On that horrible night on the yacht, Wolfgang was piloting the yacht back into port, when Erik took a sniper round to the head. Wolfgang saw the sniper through his binoculars…Victoria.

Just a few weeks ago, a CIA double-agent fiasco went down in London, and several agents were killed. One agent who escaped was Sarah Hester, who dropped a cell phone in Wolfgang’s lap. The phone contained only a single file, named “77 Mole Hunt”. After sweeping the phone for tracking devices, Wolfgang stored it in his safety deposit box.

Recently, Wolfgang made use of his skills and parts from thousands of Euros worth of vintage copies of Dracula to craft a masterful forgery of Dracula Unredacted with the intent of trading the forgery (rather than the real text) as ransom for the return of Luigi Cardellini, brother-in-law to Franco Draga Selvaggio. It remains to be seen what and how many imperfections Wolfgang has intentionally introduced into the replica’s annotations, or what additional annotations he may have added in an as-yet-unnamed additional voice. But the one thing he was not able to reproduce (perhaps because of what he has added) was the real text’s magical power to avoid technological recording.

Fechtner recently encountered Major Helmut Doring (n) at Castle Schreck, just outside Passau, Germany. While the team managed to kill Doring, Doring’s undead minions ultimately brought down Fechtner and ripped him to shreds.

Wolfgang Fechtner

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