Tyler Gold

A company man


Tyler Gold has only been with the Agency for a few years. Originally, from Baltimore, Maryland, he joined the CIA on a recruiting drive for field agents, working with Cal Morrison while undergoing rigorous training. Showing strong aptitude with analytics, ‘subtle’ interrogation and firearms, he was a natural choice. Assigned to the London office in 2014, he began dating Gloriana Ambry. The relationship was serious for about a year but then the two broke up for undisclosed reasons. Agent Gold seems accepting or at least at peace with Gloriana’s decision to begin seeing Morrison.

The hand of fate has dealt Gold and Morrison together again, as CIA Chief of Station Eloise Buckley has assigned Gold to be Morrison’s handler – or his watcher – or both.

Recently, Agent Gold explained to Cal Morrison that due to recent events in London, Chief Buckley would find it increasingly difficult to meet with him and that he, Agent Gold, would be handling all the communication for the foreseeable future.

Tyler Gold

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