Oscar Willingham

A shady fellow living in the country


Oscar Willingham is the younger brother of Ethan Willingham, notorious arms dealer. Illari Vasyl first met up with Oscar when he was a low ranking member of Ethan’s arms trade but due to his drug addiction, Oscar was erratic and purged from the organization. Whereas there were some factions within Ethan’s organization who wanted to terminate Oscar, Illari was able to shuffle him off to the countryside in an effort to get clean, but Illari’s true motives may have been to keep Oscar alive in case he needed any possible leverage against Ethan.

Recently, after a disastrous turn of events that revealed Marion Moore having turned into a vampire and the safe house the intended to use, unavailable, the agents turned to Oscar in a moment of need.

Unfortunately, in early July, she was one of several Edom victims in the Night of the Purge.

Oscar Willingham

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