Luther von Heiss

A mysterious German aristocrat


Luthor von Heiss is a well respected businessman of German descent living in London. Mr. von Heiss is a venture capitalist and the managing partner of Deutsche Investitionen, a major investment company out of Munich with interests in various sectors of business including telecom, biosciences and construction. Mr. von Heiss has been at the forefront of numerous opportunities to grow and provide much needed capital to successful companies throughout Europe. Mr. von Heiss is seen as a visionary, capable of recognizing talent and other skills in future partners.

Living in London, Mr. von Heiss is a collector of unique artifacts and other historical curios. He was red flagged by the BND as someone who had put out feelers for Nazi artifacts and as a result was placed on a German watch list. When Wolfgang Fechtner was sent to investigate, Fechtner discovered that the deal had, indeed, gone down and that von Heiss had purchased Himmler’s Ring and had paid the shadowy seller in authentic Nazi gold bars.

Mr. von Heiss is still in possession of the ring but the exact location is unknown.

Luther von Heiss

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