Lady Zarina Peller-Talbot

A cultural attache


Lady Bianca Peller-Talbot (nee Petran) is the wife of Sir Quintin Peller-Talbot, an ex-pat, smuggled out of Romania in July of 1978 with Ion Mihai Pacepa, the deputy chief of Romania’s foreign intelligence section. Zarina was a low level bureaucrat at the Council of Socialist Education and Culture on a list of political dissidents slated for imprisonment. Eventually resettled in Edinburgh, Zarina wrote her PhD thesis on Middle Eastern statuary related to underworld goddesses. A leading supporter of women’s rights in post-Soviet Eastern European countries, Zarina became a powerful voice for the rescue of women in danger of falling to exploitation by the drug trade of human trafficking. She dedicated to such causes the fortune she inherited from her late husband who passed away in 2002.

In the past thirty years she has written such texts as Enlightenment Contested, A Look at Romanian and Hungarian Women, Our Story: The Plight of Modern Budapest Women, The Goddess Within Us, and Modern Rules of Engagement.

Formerly, a professor at The University of Edinbugh, she now rights books, champions women’s rights (and children’s rights) having a connection to Heal the Children as one of her charitable interests. She has made several trips to Eastern Europe in the past few years to inspect conditions of working women. It is possible she has met with agents of The Unicorn. Regardless, Vincente Rojas is familiar with her and has met her on several occasions, viewing her as a consultant on topics dealing with exploited women.

Currently, she leads numerous discussion groups regarding women’s issues and sends many of her proteges to Eastern Europe to work among the inner cites and bring western voices to eastern women. However, not every one of them is a success story and several have gone missing after dealing with brutal figures in the area.

Recently, Illari Vasyl identified her as a likely candidate in one of the Cushing Zeus Transcripts, specifically, 5 May 1981.

Lady Zarina Peller-Talbot

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