Ilari Vasyl

Hand to hand and medic.


Edom Codename: POPCAN

Ilaryi has what could be called “resting intense face”, so others are often surprised to learn his fondness for stupid jokes and multi-language double entendres peppered with dark humor. His mood varies somewhat depending on whether or not he has remembered to take his thyroid supplement that day.

(“Ha!,” he says through a grin, “but the Russians said Chernobyl was harmless, and would they lie?”)

Despite Chernobyl’s (relatively mild effects) Ilaryi had a not-too tough childhood, growing up alongside his slightly older sister, Nina Vasyl, who currently lives in London and works as an immigration barrister. (Parents are deceased of benign reasons.)

Rather than going to university alongside Nina, Ilaryi instead joined the the ZSU, and later their special forces unit. He rose to the rank of Starshina, the equivalent of NATO E7 (Staff Sergeant) as a combat medic and impromptu field surgeon. As a member of the ZSU, Ilaryi distinguished himself through his medical, close combat, and smattering of counter intelligence skills.

This led him to be frequently assigned as the support personnel for small teams operating outside of the Ukraine or in DPR territory as the War in Dobass has waxed and waned and influence has been needed elsewhere.

Very recently Ilaryi was “officially” separated from the ZSU.


Historical Notes:

  • Ilaryi and his EOD squadmate, Katrina Vladova were on a mission to clandestinely blow a DPR arms supply cache. They were surprised by a patrol. Katrina was pinned down and wounded; Ilaryi had to leave her and detonate the bomb. She is presumed dead.
  • While Vincente Rojas was tracking Saverio Tumicelli in Rome, he was surprised to find out that Saverio’s girlfriend, Christina Wasslyk was the more deadly of the two and got the drop on him. Luckily for Vincente, Ilaryi was tracking Christina. Although she escaped, Ilaryi was able to free Vincente and the two captured Saverio. Ilaryi demonstrated his questioning skills, and the resulting confession landed Saverio in prison.
  • Has previously chased the mysterious Cardinal, a prior KGB agent who, working with the DPR, shot down Malay Airlines 17 in 2014 for unknown reasons. Now the Cardinal is reportedly in the UK.
  • Ilaryi stumbled upon the scene of Marion Moore, noted intrusion expert and hacktivist, being assaulted by her apparently drunken husband. After attempting to calm the strangely belligerent man, he attempted to kill Ilaryi. This did not go as planned, leaving the husband dead and Ms. Moore grateful for Ilaryi’s aid. (+4 contact)
  • Ilaryi was recently dismayed to discover that his ex-lover, Hanna Stasiur, is now working as “just an escort, really” at Darkest Night. Despite his feelings about her job, they are on friendly terms. (+2 contact)
  • Ilaryi had a brief, intense affair in Sicily with Isabella Rikerts, despite her working as a mule for Bichi National Bank (and publicly as an Italian model). (+1 contact) She later fled London with the help of Ilaryi’s contact, Kati Tisza, the most efficient killer he had ever met.

Ilari Vasyl

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