Hela Cuthbert Singleton

Her parties are wicked


Hela Cuthbert Singleton is the leader of the Order of Darkness, a modern day pseudo-Satanic cult in the footsteps of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. She combines showmanship and quasi-intellectual New Age teachings with parlor tricks and stage magic to generate book deals and television appearances. However, she also claims some psychic connections, as did her father before her, A.A. Singleton, the founder of the Order of Darkness.

When not being seen around town or on television, Ms. Singleton spends time at her estate outside of London, hosting grand debauched parties, inviting minor celebrities, such as Tabitha Holmwood. These minor celebrities can attest to the sexual antics and high quality of recreational drugs. Ms. Singleton and her live-in partner, Fransiska Janis, are courteous and gracious hostesses.

Recently, a firefight broke out at her estate, during one of her grand debaucheries. Whereas none of her guests were harmed, the two sides have gone unidentified and the entire affairs covered up by MI5, suggesting it was some kind of drug deal gone wrong, but Tabitha Holmwood was taken in for extensive questioning.

There is some suggestion that Hela’s father, the late A. A. Singleton was ‘Henning’ from the Cushing Zeus Transcripts.

Hela Cuthbert Singleton

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