Elizabeth Cavanaugh

One with wicked desires


Elizabeth Cavanaugh is the daughter of Dooney Cavanaugh and Victoria Cavanaugh, with dual citizenship in United States and Ireland.

At an early age, Elizabeth showed promise in school and excelled in not only academics but also athletics, but there were personality concerns that the nuns at her Irish Catholic boarding school were unable to handle and her parents will unwilling to address. If not for the vast amounts of money her parents were willing to donate to the girls’ school, Elizabeth would have been asked to leave due to the sheer injuries laid upon the other girls in her classes.

Upon graduating, Elizabeth put her mind to building an import/export company, Black Orchid. Using a sizable loan from her family and putting together contacts culled from family friends and contacts, Elizabeth spent long hours putting her company together and acting as a purchase agent and reseller for goods throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. Within a few short years, she was negotiating million dollar contracts and jet-setting around the world to close lucrative and sensitive deals.

But Elizabeth was a disturbed individual. She hid some extremely dark desires, mostly involving the hurting of fellow human beings. Elizabeth was reportedly involved in increasingly morbid and depraved sexual practices with participants who were willing and in some cases unwilling. This is, of course, a side, she keeps very quiet, even employing professional ‘cleaners’ to aid her in these secret indiscretions.

Additionally, there is some talk in the international community that Elizabeth uses Black Orchid to smuggle goods throughout the world, having developed special technology to help avoid detection. How else could such a young woman in a powerful industry begin to do so well other than doing what few others were willing or capable of doing. Her actions may even include the art of human trafficking to and from Europe and Southeast Asia.

Due to her mother, it is clear she had contacts in the espionage and criminal syndicate worlds (two worlds which are so closely related, anyway) and therefore she is no stranger to getting her hands dirty.

Her involvement with Heal the Children is, at least publicly, one of great admiration and respect as she donates large sums to their causes. But to those in the know, there may be something far darker involved as she is suspected, by some, to have much more illicit interests in the young, helpless children.

Elizabeth is well aware of Franco Selvaggio, an Italian agent that her mother seems to have taken a liking towards. Elizabeth, finding Franco attractive, made advances but it did not take long for Franko to discover what a dangerous and mentally unhinged individual Elizabeth was, but handled the matter delicately so as not to offend Victoria.

When not running her business or involved with dubious charity work, she spends time at her country estate in the seaside town of Whitby where she raises and breeds horses on her farm.

She has been overheard to say that a relationship is not satisfying to her unless her partner leaves with either physical or emotional scars, preferably both.

Frankie Savage had always wondered about the relationship between himself, Elizabeth and her mother, Victoria. Frankie wondered if he was related to Elizabeth as siblings as there was some stark similarities as well as other evidence he had pieced together over the years. Things Victoria had said to him made him think that there was some connection there, but whether it would pan out, he was unclear. Documents in his family’s possession, suggested that Victoria and her husband knew Frankie’s parents years ago, but seemed to drift apart shortly before Frankie was born in Italy.

Elizabeth Cavanaugh

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