Charles Asante

A man who will take things off your hands


Charles Asante is the owner and operator of Prestige Pawnbrokers, a small shop to the north of the city of London. Whereas he certainly deals in conventional fare, it is rumored he handles a variety of illicit items for the right price. He likely has some connections in the underworld, or, at the very least, knows someone who does.

He has worked with Wolfgang Fechtner in the past and is a reliable contact for anything that involved finer merchandise.

Recently, Mr. Asante created a replica copy of the Hillingham Brooch that Fechtner brought him, and identified the original as a piece that was made in Whitby between 1880 and 1900.

Asante was later revealed in the employ of Edom and attempted to pass off a piece of Whittby jet to Fechtner with a tracking device. When this failed, Asante was eliminated to cover their tracks.

Charles Asante

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