Billie Harker

A woman with a legacy


Billie Harker, a London law student is the great-great granddaughter of Jonathan and Mina Harker, principal individuals in the novel, Dracula, as well as possible agents in a conspiracy to recruit and then stop the Dracula of the same name.

Recently, in Munich, she was outside of the Dead House and was rescued by the investigators before what was likely an Edom kidnapping team could snatch her off the streets. She explained she had been having strange dreams involving the Dead House as well as Ilari Vasyl. The investigators realized they were sitting on a possible asset and ally and decided to protect her.

Billie was given to Dr. Ilsa Sabine, a figure in an underground railroad of sorts, who helps abused women get away from their captors. Since Dr. Sabine knows a variety of lines to safe houses throughout Europe, she was entrusted to send Billie to some location in Spain so that Billie could await the investigative team.

Billie Harker

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