Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 55: Just the Tip

September 15th, 2018 – September 22nd, 2018


After the events surrounding stealing Le Dragon Noir from the sinister Graf Orlok in the Passau region in Germany, the team was bloody, beaten and frightened. They determined that the best place for them to gain solace was making their way to the Dominican Monastery in Spain. The brothers there would welcome them with open arms and would protect them from the outside world. Of course, for some of them, merely reading the text would be a dangerous endeavor they would undertake that could be far worse than any physical threat. But Aiden Tobias was up for the challenge.

Upon arriving, the team discussed Kat DeWein’s idea of setting up an auction for an item that would draw out some of the more sinister and suspicious players on the field. However, after going through the logistics, they decided that whereas this was an excellent idea, they would really need to put a little more work into the theory as well as use it when they were getting close to executing their end game. The auction was a scheme they would be able to use once. And using it now may not net them the benefit they were hoping for.

While Aiden was preparing to spend time with Le Dragon Noir, the team received a visitor, Pascal Lerue. LeRue came bearing important information. He had been in contact with Arnbjorg Strand, the elusive burglar, who had provided him with useful information regarding the Spear of Destiny, or Spear of Longinus. And his dossier on the topic led them to understand that the item was in the possession of billionaire businessman, Luther von Heiss.

Looking into him, they recalled that Wolfgang Fectner had been investigating von Heiss for the purchase of Nazi memorabilia, but now it seemed he was a collector of a specific religious artifact. Looking deeper, they discovered he was also an avowed atheist with numerous connections to like-minded organizations and figures, such as Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens. Further, von Heiss seemed to have no wife and no interest in women, leading them to suspect there could have been darker interests he hid. Either way, it was important that they get into his London home and try and steal the object as it would have great value in fighting against Dracula. Fortunately for them, he was hosting an exclusive art party at his home. Burt first, Aiden was going to begin researching Le Dragon Noir.

When Aiden began to read the text, he felt a wave of dread come crashing down, learning the basics. First he found that the text did contain spells but they were some complex, it was unlikely he would be able to cast them without having the book on his person. He also found that this text was likely the very book that Dracula used at the dreaded Scholomance as Dracula’s own handwriting was present in the book, a shocking but interesting revelation. Finally, the portion he was able to get through revealed that the text would show a certain way to destroy a vampire regardless of their lineage. Of course, it was assumed that Dracula, himself, was immune, but nevertheless, the ritual would have extreme value. But he had to cut his study short, as the team had to head to London to attempt to gain control of the Spear of Destiny.

The team assembled their plan, with Pascal and Kat acting as an art dealer and his date, while Aiden and Illari Vassyl managed to get in as the catering team. They suspected they could cause enough of a distraction to send someone down to the basement where von Heiss kept his notorious treasures.

However, shortly after arriving, they discovered a further complication. First, CIA agent, Tyler Gold was present, clearly ‘on the job’ and there was also the added complication of several thugs in the employ of Bichi National Bank. Clearly, the groups were looking for something and under the circumstances, it was likely the Spear of Destiny. They would need to adjust their plan.

The newly formed plan seemed to revolve around shutting off lights and hoping the Bichi agents would do something foolish, perhaps further distracting Agent Gold. As soon as Illari hit the light breakers, Aiden slipped to the basement through the dumbwaiter and Kat and Pascal watched as one of the Bichi agents seemed to begin casting a spell, resulting in Agent Gold shooting him dead. In the chaotic distraction that ensued, Aiden was able to move further on the plan. As Aiden made his way to the basement, he discovered laser tripwires, criss-crossing the hallway preventing easy access to what he was seeking. Thinking quickly, however, he managed to use his mobile device to infiltrate the electronic security system of the home and shut the lasers down for a short amount of time. He progressed his way through and eventually came across a surprising sight – an underground Catholic chapel which was not only fully functional but also well used. It was unusual for an avowed atheist to have such a thing. It was not until he saw the religious vestments that he suspected that perhaps von Heiss was an undercover agent – a Catholic priest in a well-placed position to infiltrate organizations otherwise unwilling to deal with a priest. Either way, he had no time to consider that, presently. His attention quickly turned to the wall, where the Spear was mounted high up. He used the only tools he could to remove it from the wall – a pair of candle snuffers that brought it down. However, upon leaving, he discovered that the light trap had come back on, requiring him to move through the mess with agility and skill. Once getting through, he took the dumbwaiter to the second floor and made his escape through the forest while the others dealt with the arriving security and police force.

After dealing with the police and seeing the Bichi agents and Agent Gold detained by the police, the team made their way out and reconnected with Aiden.

With the Spear of Destiny, they now had more options in dealing with Dracula.


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