Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 50: Night of the Bat

August 1st, 2018 – August 5th, 2018


The plan was set.

Or, at least, mostly.

Knowing that the only way of getting their hands on the Trinity Seals from Adelaide LeClerque was to rescue her partner and lover, Narcissa Dvorask, from the clutches of the notorious Tuefel Cartel. But with the complication of the presence of Dracula, they needed a plan that would allow them to escape as well as leave LeClerque in the clear from wrath of the Dark Prince. The team needed a scheme to throw someone else the blame rather it falling on LeClerque. Wolfgang Fechtner came up with a clever scheme. By laying enough evidence behind the rescue operation, it would leave the observer to conclude that Edom was responsible, using a pawn, Savas Osman, having double crossed Dracula. Wolfgang, along with Kat DeWein and Vicente Rojas set about constructing the paper trail that would leave LeClerque in the clear and throw the blame to Edom. Illari Vassyl, however, scoped out the warehouse where Dvorask was being held to gather whatever intelligence he could.

It was decided that the team would send Vicente to the top of the warehouse along with LeClerque’s trusted agent, Johann Strause. Wolfgang, Illari and Kat would remain nearby, ready to spring into action with the element of surprise. Strause and Rojas made their way to the roof of the warehouse and silently took out three of the guards on top of the building and began to work their way to the door to get into to the building. As they opened the door, they were surprised to find another agent waiting and took him out as well. But at that exact moment, back in the van Kat intercepted a message into the warehouse that, when translated, was sending a warning to those inside: ‘Infiltration Imminent.’ At that exact moment, a swarm of bats came past the van. The teams could not wait any longer. They sprung into action. Rojas and Strause stormed the building and Wolfgang rammed the van through the front gates of the warehouse.

As the two groups entered the different points of the warehouse, they began shooting and taking out as many opponents as they could, keeping an eye out for the hostage, Dvorask. While Wolfgang, Illari and Kat took out combatants on the floor of the warehouse, Vincinte and Johan broached the top level and offices of the warehouse. In a short amount of time, the pair discovered a room where Dvorask was tied to a chair. However, before they were able to untie her, they were beset by the mysterious Bon Hoest, the leading agent of the Tuefel Cartel. And when it seemed as if they had the upper hand over him, he revealed a secret of his own: his servant creature, a giant man-bat creature that towered over all of them and seemed as ferocious as it did sinister. And this creature would soon prove to be one of the more dangerous adversaries they would deal with.

Meanwhile on the floor of the warehouse, the firefight raged on, with bullets flying around the entire facility and the team doing their best to repel the attackers. But upstairs, Vincinte had his hands full with the creature that screamed and clawed and bit with dangerous natural weapons. But with a strategic attack, Vincente pushed the creature away with a dangerous attack of his own, sending the creature out of the upper floor. But it was at that moment that another twist occurred – Strause turned against his ally, stabbing him in the side, commenting that the death of Dvorask and turning over the Trinity Seals to Dracula would end all of his problems and put him second-in-command of LeClerque’s operation. Vincente managed to kill him with a well-placed shot in the head. But the dangers were not over.

Hoest, now on the floor of the warehouse commanded his creature despite numerous and relentless attacks against it as a mind-boggling amount of damage was done to it. But Hoest seemed to control it with some kind of arcane ability. As the creature began to heal, Hoest then attempt to possess Illari, sending the spirit of the creature into Illari. But a series of shots against him seemed to shut the power down. At that exact moment, as Illari was regaining control over himself, Wolfgang got a text from LeClerque: HE was coming. The team had to escape before Dracula arrived. Vincente managed to plant the evidence implicating Osman and Edom in the attack, hoping it would be enough to send Dracula in a different direction. After that, the group fled the scene in a stolen car, but as they left, they noticed that lights in the area were going dark, indicating that Dracula and his agents were making their way towards the area. It was best that they not be around when he arrived.

The team contacted LeClerque, desperate for harbor as they had been hurt badly and Vincente Rojas was in rough shape, having been bitten by the bat creature. They recieved instructions to bring Dvorask to LeClerque’s yacht, on the Vltava. Upon meeting up, they set sail moving their way towards the Danube and towards Vienna. In the meantime, medical attention was required for everyone and a special serum was needed for Vincente, lest he succumb to whatever disease the bat creature would have given him.

Thankful for their aid, LeClerque kept her side of the bargain and handed over the Trinity Seals. Upon leaving them in Vienna, they made their way back to Elizabeth Bathory and learned that she had a lead on the final (fourth?) Trinity Seal. But of greater interest, they discovered that their scheme to undermine Edom was even more successful than they had imagined. Not only was Dracula furious with Edom but Savas Osman was killed as retribution. But the only way Edom could have gotten to Osman so quickly is if he had some kind of concrete relationship with them.

Osman clearly had a closer relationship with Edom than the agents had ever suspected.


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