Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 46: From Prussia with Love

July 15th, 2018 – July 20th, 2018


Magda Vasilescu stood over the defeated agents, with their lives in her hands. However, she seemed to be willing to negotiate for said lives, but on her terms. Her underlings arrived to take Wolfgang Fechtner, Illari Vassyl and Vicente Rojas to the infirmary while Magda took Cal Morrison to another room to negotiate. With Cal, Magda was very clear – she felt that there was a way he and the agents could assist her and her operation but she was unsure if they were the right people for the job. If she discovered they were not the right people, she would surely kill them. She further explained that while she was an enemy of Dracula, he was a difficult opponent If they were to succeed against him, they would need more resources. And for those, they would need to go to Vienna and meet with her associate, Henri Valant. It was then that she left to allow Cal to clean himself up and she would await for the rest to join her.

Meanwhile, Illari watched as Wolfgang and Vicente laid motionless, close to death. A man, seemingly a doctor, looked over the two of them, mostly taking pictures. Illari realized that Wolfgang’s medical problems were severe and would need hospitalization. He was unsure how they would get out of this situation. It was then that Magda came in and surveyed the situation. Seeing Wolfgang laying on the table, she quietly cut her wrist and fed her blood to him. Illari tried to stop her but she quickly dismissed him with her magic powers. Within a short amount of time Wolfgang was recovering from his grievous wounds.

After she left, Wolfgang came around, amazed that he was back from the brink of death. But when Illari explained what happened, Wolfgang was shocked and suffered a brief mental break, fearing that he was on the verge of turning into a vampire. But when Cal came in, he explained that the Linea Bathory did not turn victims without arcane acts. But shortly after the reunion, they were summoned by some of Magda’s underlings to bring them upstairs for a group meeting.

Upon arriving back upstairs, they were led to the library. Magda was out on the patio, overlooking London. However, collected in the library were many of her vampire servants, suspiciously eying the agents as they approached, hissing as they got closer. But clearly they had specific instructions not to bother them and they approached Magda unmolested. Together, they discussed their options.

Magda was intrigued at the possibility of ending Dracula’s reign of terror as she and her organization were enemies of the Dark Prince. She further explained that she lived in secret, hiding from groups like Edom who would love to try and recruit her to work for them. However, that was against her interests. She suggested that her ally, Henri Valant in Vienna, would provide them with further details if they were willing. She would provide them transportation but there was something they needed to do for her. In Le Harve, France, there was a semi truck waiting for them. All they had to do was, en route to Vienna, take the semi to Salzburg where they would hand it off to agents of hers and then move on to the Grand Vienna Hotel where Valant was waiting. With the fragile agreement in place, the agents left to rest and get as far away from Magda as possible, even though Cal was evidently intrigued by the the woman’s charms.

Over the next few days they gathered their strength, healed and collected the supplies they needed. During this time Illari noticed that there was a dark change in Cal. The war against Edom and Dracula’s minions had finally taken a toll in the altercation underneath Darkest Night. He was developing psychological wounds that would not be easily healed. But Illari knew that he would have the will to move on and continue the fight.

Once in Le Harve, they found the semi as well as the small compact car that Magda had provided. Illari was curious about what they were transporting but Cal reminded them that Magda was clear on her instructions not to open it. In the end, they all came to the conclusion it was better not knowing.

On the way to Salzburg, Wolgang received a call from his former handler, Johan Schmidt. Schmidt was brief and to the point: He had always respected Wolfgang and what was about to happen was nothing personal. It was at that moment that Wolfgang warned everyone to brace for impact as two small helicopters arrived on the horizon. Clearly he had sent a kill team to take the group out. However, a few well placed shots and some tactical driving by Wolfgang took the assassins out, but then they had to pull off in order to conceal their vehicles as the altercation had been messy and dangerous on a high traffic road in Germany.

Upon arriving at the Grand Vienna Hotel, they were immediately shown into a back lounge and not long after, Henri Valant arrived. Cal was concerned he would be holding onto a grudge when when they robbed him several months ago and from when they robbed his storage facility and made off with the Bathory Journals. However, Valant seemed to not even acknowledge the incident. Instead, he stated that Magda stated she highly recommended their abilities for a series of projects. It was then that he referenced something they had not come across before – the Trinity Seals. He stated that the Trinity Seals were not in his possession but knew where they could get hold of them. However, in order to further discuss the specifics, he needed to check into a few details. In the meantime, he checked them into some rooms and provided passes for the exclusive spa on the grounds of the hotel.

When they relaxed in their rooms and then went to the basement where the spa was located, they were shown into a private sauna. However, there was an individual waiting for them. The woman introduced herself as Szofia Nadasdy, but to Cal it was clear who she really was.

Elizabeth Bathory.


Hasturmind Hasturmind

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