Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 42: The Proserpine Gambit

June 21st, 2018 – June 30th, 2018


The first order of business after dealing with the seance was to finally ride themselves of the cursed Bathory Journals that had been haunting Cal Morrison for weeks. He felt the pull of their evil getting stronger and stronger and suspected that he could accept the offer of Henri Valant’s man, Claude Malinbois. It sickened him to have to surrender them but these evil texts were becoming more trouble than they were worth and Valant’s men were increasingly dogged about having them returned. The group oversaw the hand off and in return Malinbois delivered a small fortune in blood diamonds.

From there, the team contacted their associate, Oskar Beaufort, the mysterious scientist who had been conducting research into vampirism on their behalf. Beaufort gave them the location to his current safehouse in Milan, Italy. It was a quick route outside of London then on to the continent.

Upon meeting up with Dr. Beaufort they were interested in the developments he had made with the various blood samples they had provided the past couple of months. He admitted that his research was in the initial stages. However, he had determined that the blood of more powerful Vampires had a stronger impact on certain kinds of animals, such as dogs, wolves, bats, etc. Also, he discovered, the hard way, that dust from vampires could be brought back to existence when amounts of blood were added. It was very difficult to fully destroy a vampire, apparently. Beaufort also mused on different subjects, including some of the human collaborators, in the same line as Renfield. He would love to have gotten his hands on one of these Renfields.

The good news was that Beaufort had developed a serum, the Beaufort Serum Mark I, which would act as an antidote if someone had been bit, without the side effects of the Blomberg Serum. However, the more powerful the vampire, the less likely it was to be effective. Further, it was very expensive, presently, to produce.

After spending some time with Dr. Beaufort and bringing him up to speed on their cases, they left for Spain, for the Dominican Monastery, where they wanted to put Wolfgang Fechtner through a cleansing ritual. Since one of the brides of Dracula, a lieutenant named Madame St Armand had developed a psychic link with him, they needed a special religious ceremony to break that bond. They spent a few days at the monastery and tried to convince the monks to surrender some of their older relics, which was flatly declines. So instead Cal contacted Bishop Jean-Baptiste Champavier, the head of the Society of St Lazarus of Bethany who agreed to find some relics they could use, for a price.

In determining their next steps, the team decided to head to Exeter where they had a suspicion that they was some connection with the HMS Proserpine. They felt the Proserpine was a key location with important data they needed. Whereas the ship may dock in Exeter, they also knew it might not. Either way, Exeter was likely the best place they could start.

It took a few days of boots on the ground in Exeter to determine the most likely location for their target. The Exeter Fishery was a large location, on the waterfront and would provide excellent cover, much like the power and water plant in Carfax in London. However, according to the Dracula Dossier, this location was likely a training facility for agents and would be difficult to breach. They would need an alternate plan than previous ones.

Cal began to track and monitor the traffic coming in and out of the fishery, suspecting that the Proserpine would not dock there but some of the smaller ships might be acting as a relay point between the Proserpine, wherever that was, and the fishery. It would take him nearly a week to do, he suspected, so in the meantime, Illari Vassyl, Vincente Rojas and Fechtner would do the leg work, watching the facility. They managed to catch a surveillance team, following them. Curiously, they were observing a local resident, a law professor, named Reginald Hillary. When the background of Mr. Hillary was researched, it was uncovered that he was a lecturer at the school of law at Exeter, and was an expert on government overreach and had been requesting countless documents on the post World War II era. Perhaps Edom was concerned about the professor’s research. Either way, they were keeping a constant watch on him.

While Cal worked on tracking the ship movements in and out of the fishery, the rest of the team decided they wanted to infiltrate Prof. Hillary’s home. They found he was an invalid, living in a large stately home with a live-in nurse and personal assistant while he conducted his research. They knew the professor, with his limited mobility would likely not be an issue, but they wanted to avoid catching the attention of the Edom surveillance team. Nevertheless, Fechtner and Rojas entered the house through the basement and found nothing amiss in the house. When they went to his office, they found endless government documents, books, texts and so on. Fechtner also found a file on his old associate Mathias Emmerlich tucked away with the Caliban Letter which he promptly took. It also made reference to an associate in London who ran a travel agency who may have been a CIA operative. After cloning the professor’s hard drive, the team left, ready to pour over the details once they returned to the hotel where Cal was mining data.


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