Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 40: On Her Majesty's Sanguine Service

June 8th, 2018 – June 12th, 2018


The heat of the coming summer was increasing, as well as the heat of increased scrutiny on British intelligence services. The increased media excitement over the revelations that MI5 and MI6 were involved in spying on citizens and maintaining secret black site facilities, allowed for a narrow window of opportunity to breach Carfax Abbey, posing as a water treatment facility. The Edom facility would have a smaller staff and would easier to breach. However, the agents needed something extra to get into the facility.

The agents made contact with Savas Osman who had recently return to London. Savas had a contact in MI5, Ian Hyde-Cooke, who, due to a past relationship, was well-placed in the intelligence community. Savas pressed Hyde-Cooke, who agreed to hand over names and descriptions of agents who would likely be transferred to Carfax Abbey, allowing the agents to take their places. This would provide a brief opportunity for them to get in and investigate before the facility was closed down, permanently.

The agents found proper uniforms and a vehicle and Wolfgang Fechtner forged the proper documents to get them into the facility, posing as ‘new workers.’ Vicente Rojas was assigned to watch over Laurel Dene, the reporter, to ensure that no accidents befell her. The team hoped to be in and out quickly, but could not predict where things would take them.

The team arrived on the grounds and noticed that there was an increased amount of activity around the area, likely intelligence agencies, suspicious of what was going on at the location. With some of Edom’s secrets on the verge of exposure, the clandestine organization was on high alert. The team noticed a Rolls Royce parked outside the facility, which was highly suspicious. But after gaining entrance, they were assigned to speak to The Abbot, presumably the director of the facility.

The team was eventually taken to The Abbot’s office where they waited, noticing that there were numerous monitors, maps, and ringing phones. Before they could gather any real intelligence on the matter, they noticed the increased security and cameras at the facility. Eventually when The Abbot made his appearance, they noticed he was with a striking individual who appeared well manicured and professional. This Dark Stranger seemed as if he had intense business with The Abbot but when he gazed upon Osman, Fechtner and Cal Morrison, he seemed to stare into their souls and hinted at something demonic and truly evil. The agents could not get past his terrible gaze and it was only later that they suspected there was something far, far worse about him than suspected. It was later that they theorized her was perhaps a vampire, perhaps even Dracula, himself. But if so, what was he doing at Carfax Abbey, especially under such high scrutiny.

The Abbot seemed distracted after the Dark Stranger left, believing the ruse the agents had provided, assigning them to an operative in the basement of the facility. Upon arriving and getting their assignment, the agent was in the process of shredding documents, redacting topics from documents and secretly taking photos of some and perhaps sending them to some unknown individual. But the grim task to which he assigned them was cleaning up interrogation rooms where the bodies had been ripped apart and had their blood drained. It seemed as if there was a vampire that had been present that feasted on the victims. It was then that the agents realized they were in very, very deep, but had an opportunity to uncover secrets from the facility.

Savas consulted with his holy symbol and discovered a pair of locations in the basement with great evil. He determined that the main feature they wanted, a Red Room must have been one of them. It was then that Wolfgang enacted a plan to lift the other agents phone, as he was desperate to get whatever was on his phone and the photos he had been taking and sending to some individual.

They were reassigned to a new location and made their way there. The new agent was watching over a bank of monitors and medical equipment and it was determined that the agent was remotely watching and monitoring sleeper agents in London, individuals who were not aware of their involvement. Cal Morrison theorized this program was one where Edom could activate normal citizens into performing unspeakable acts of violence if the situation was needed, perhaps to distract media in giving them a better story. However, the agent assigned them to feeding duty in the next room, an area Savas identified as one of the central areas of evil.

As the agents made their way to the next room and descended into the hatch, they quickly encountered a powerful and evil vampire, Patient X, whose primary role was unclear but was likely a source of mystical blood for Edom. It was the agents’ duty to somehow feed this creature with a special blood bag they were given. They, of course, had to avoid the numerous other slave vampires that were also in the sub basement.

The task was tense and horrific. However, Cal managed to keep his wits about him long enough to take samples from not only the blood pack that was to be administered to Patient X but also took a blood sample from Patient X, himself, knowing that the mysterious Dr. Oskar Beaufort. This would likely greatly advance his research into vampirism and other life-extending measures. But once the task was done, they moved on, continuing the ruse that they belonged.

As the team went through the facility, there were rooms and other areas they avoided even though they suspected there were secrets that could be given up. But they needed to move on and not bring undo attention to themselves. They passed a dog kennel, numerous locked doors and even a chapel. It was the chapel that gave Savas an idea – taking the hosts from the tabernacle in the hopes they would be of some use when they found the eventual Red Room.

They came to an area with several doors but knew their time was running out. The room they determined would likely be the Red Room was near. But as soon as Wolfgang opened it and they saw an unholy alter and the walls dripping with blood, some powerful and sinister force overcame Cal and he attacked Savas, a bloodlust welling up deep inside of him. It took everything Wolfgang and Savas had to fight Cal off and subdue him but the mayhem was too much. Security forces were alerted. Savas had just enough time to lay down the holy hosts around the Red Room, sanctifying it and for good measure planted explosives in the room. It was then that the group made their way out, and took a chance with another mysterious door. As they entered, knowing this could be a dead end and thus, they would be trapped, they hoped for the best. However, they came into a room that they had not expected. A massive sarcophagus with two smaller ones on each side were present as well as mountains of dirt in and out of the coffins. Was this one of the tombs of Dracula? They had no time to ponder the consequences of their actions. hey merely acted quickly and with the best decision they felt they could make. They bathed the room in holy water and found a doorway out. The doorway led into a passage and into the tenement building across the street. This was clearly the way in which several of the agents were able to come in and out of the facility. They quickly escaped after detonating the explosives Savas had planted in the Red Room.

The news that came out of the day was that the water treatment facility was destroyed, through a terrorist act with Edom and their puppets circulating photos of the agents as the perpetrators. Edom used the agents’ attack as a pretext for their own false flag operation, doing their best to frame their enemies in the process.

When they circled back to the safehouse that William Hester had provided, they discovered that whereas there were some suspicious activity surrounding Laurel Dene, Vicente Rojas managed to protect her. Wolfgang investigated the phone they had lifted and discovered that the Edom operative who had the camera had been communicating with someone named ‘O.’ (Was it ‘Osprey?’ Was it ‘Oakes?’ Was it someone else?) The documents that had been photographed were documents dealing with Henri Valant, the Tuefel Cartel as well as the Van Brunt Protocol. It was evident that the information had been gathered by Elvis’ operatives under the order of Hound, showing more splits within the Dukes of Edom.

They then met up with Dene who dropped a bombshell: she had recently been in touch with a contact, someone who claimed to be with Edom and they wanted to defect and provide the team with information.

Was it an Edom trap? Or was it for real?


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