Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 32: Schleich di!

April 21st, 2018 – April 24th, 2018


Knowing they were short on supplies, or at the very least would need to replace some of the weapons and armor that had been damaged, Cal Morrison called in a request to his friend in Bucharest, Fox Schillnger, who had endless access to numerous CIA off-book operations. He knew it would be risky getting this kind of material as Fox would have to reach pretty deep to get what was needed, but Cal figured the risk was worth the reward. Fox agreed and since the team was headed to Munich, to investigate the infamous Dead House, Fox would have the material waiting for them at a specific drop point.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang Fechtner monitored the chatter throughout Germany, discovering that there was a strong amount of intelligence activity going on, causing him to determine that there were numerous figures likely putting the word out for them. He and Illari Vasyl, with Cal’s help began to reduce the amount of eyes looking for them through digital intrusion, but they would have to be careful in their actions. But this might prove to be easier said than done. Since they had determined that the Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels had been compromised by agents of Dracula and been sending important documents to the Dead House in Munich, they were unsure what to expect.

The team picked up their supplies and Cal sent an email to the mysterious Monsignor Rinaldi, asking for assistance. However, he got no response. Then the team made their way to Munich to see what they could find.

Determining that the shipment had already arrived in Munich and had been delivered to the Dead House, the team knew that time was brief. And besides, Cal knew that the Dead House contained one of the more horrific things they had encountered – a dreaded Red Room. He was determined that he would use some recently acquired C-4 to destroy this unholy place as it would surely undermine the power of Dracula and his unholy minions. They knew this would bring even more heat than what outside forces were already pushing onto them.

Upon arriving near the Dead House, they did a survey of the situation, finding that the place was under surveillance from other forces, but were not immediately able to figure out from whom – simply not enough information was at their disposal. However, the loading area looked as if it has low security even though some of the outside forces were keeping close watch. Illari had a plan to distract their people on the ground in order for the team to get close. As Illari posed as a drunken tourist, Cal was able to get close enough to the building to see what was going on in the basement. A man in an expensive suit was on a cell phone while dumping documents into a furnace. The team had to get in quickly if they were to stop this and gain access to the materials!

Upon Illari incapacitating the foot agent, the team got inside the Dead House and Wolfgang shot and killed the attendant before making their way to the basement. Sometimes innocents needed to be sacrificed on the board for the greater good.

Upon making their way to the basement, they encountered the man on the phone, speaking German and they distinctly heard him mention ‘Hound’ which they took to mean that he was talking about – or to – The Hound, the high ranking agent of Edom. They eliminated him but from the side room appeared two gun men and after them, several agents impacted by what could only have been the strange vampire serum they had encountered before. After dealing with these threats, they knew they only had a few moments to get out before the team watching the building went into action. Vicente Rojas managed to watch their backs as they went to work. They grabbed what they could while Cal set the C-4 explosives, hoping to take out the building and the Red Room.

Upon fleeing the scene, they knew that the agents were scrambling into action and as they monitored the band, they heard someone, in German, reference ‘Hoyt,’ which they took to mean their adversary, Hamilton Hoyt, who they ran afoul in Vienna several months ago and knew had been looking into them. On the way out, Cal provided a hearty ‘fuck you’ to the team and detonated the C-4. However, he had underestimated the amount of explosives and as the entire city block was taken out, the blowback caught the team in the fringe explosion which damaged the vehicle and threw them onto the sidewalk. Only with Wolfgang’s mastery of control over the vehicle did it not go off the road and become inoperable. But the agents were all hurt. They were barely able to make it out of Munich and find themselves as a cheap hotel where they could assess their wounds as well as what they had taken from the Dead House. They found papers relating to fighting vampires which they knew they could put to use . . .

After a couple of days of rest and recuperation, they made their way to Marseilles where they intended to meet with Bishop Jean-Baptiste Champavier, someone associated with the Society of St Lazarus of Bethany, an organization with whom they desperately wanted a connection. Of course, there was another connection in Marseilles, the mysterious (and likely sinister) Sigmund Walther, an ex-Nazi whose name was given to them by Lou Mangiotti in Bucharest.

The team decided to meet with the Bishop first, using forged documents as to who they were, stating they had found Church documents he would be interested in. They determined that they could meet with Walther a little later, depending on what the Bishop stated as he was likely their connection with Rinaldi.

Going to the Bishop’s offices as the Marseilles diocese, they were easily able to get in to speak with him. After quickly assessing how trustworthy he was, the team made some pleasantries and managed to abandon the subterfuge, getting to the heart of their reason for being there.

The Bishop seemed interested in their story but explained that some of Rinaldi’s activities and theories were outlandish – but not necessarily untrue. Whereas the Bishop admitted he had more of an open mind that some of his associates in the Church hierarchy, he also was weary of some of Rindali’s claims. That said, he considered Rinaldi an ally even though he was the only other member of the Lazarus Society. When Cal suggested that perhaps they could get a closer relationship and maybe become members of the Society, the Bishop was weary but did not deny the possibility. However, he made it clear he did not know them well enough as of yet and if they were able to help Rinaldi, and Rinaldi put in a good word, they could revisit the issue. With that, he explained where Rinaldi could be found. he was presently in Spain, in the town of Elorrio, which was familiar to the investigators as this was the location mentioned in the Dark Castellan document they had recently acquired.

With that, Cal decided to share with the Bishop an electronic copy of all the information they had gathered, with the focus on Dracula, something that was a surprise to the Bishop but was willing to accept. But Cal made it very clear that there were a number of intelligence agencies that were interested in this information and the Bishop should be extremely cautious. Many people had died and likely many more would follow suit with regards to the conspiracy.

They agreed to speak again soon and then the team had a choice – go to Elorio or try and meet Walther. They decided that Walther would be the next stop and then make their way to meet Rinalsi.


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