Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 18: Whatever it Takes

February 6th, 2018 – February 11th, 2018

Still waiting the warehouse that Levi provided to the team, Franco Selvaggio desperately needed medical attention from the injuries he had suffered dealing with the terrorist cell. Vicente Rojas and Cal Morrison were unsure where Wolfgang Fechtner had gone and were in need of Illari Vasyl who had also gone off grid. However, their prayers were answered when Luigi Cardellini spotted Illari approaching with someone else. A quick check determined it was none other than Pascal Lerue, the man who had originally brought them all together.

As Illari quickly went to tend to Franco’s wounds, Cal brought he and Pascal up to speed on what was happening, specifically, the prisoners they had upstairs, one of which being Haluk Ozturk. Cal, livid that COS Lou Mangiotti seemingly double crossed them on the deal, was unsure what the best next steps were but for now they had to lay low. But time was limited because, if what Ozturk said was true, he was being relentless chased through the Middle East and Europe by some sinister force.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang had found his way to the bar that one of the river clans operated, where Marika Skinsky normally frequented. Figuring that she could help him avoid the heat, he tried to send her a message. But before she could arrive, the entire building was surrounded by Bucharest police, including their special tactical teams, doing a sweep of the area. Wolfgang was caught up in their dragnet and carted away. However, when they got to the police station, everyone in the back of the truck was led out except for him. The police put a bag over his head and took him elsewhere.

After an hour of traveling, the destination was reached. Wolfgang was taken out of the truck and drug to a basement. When the hood was removed from his head, he was in a long corridor with bullet holes and blood stains on the wall behind him, clearly once the site of several firing squads, sanctioned or not. A figure behind a door began to speak with him. The figure, while polite, was also firm. He explained that Hopkins was a liar and a dangerous individual who was desperate to be relevant. If Hopkins was truly a friend, he would not have gotten the investigators involved in a game they could not win. The man also suggested that people who Wolfgang loved could be hurt. After all, certain individuals could develop a taste for their blood . . .

Wolfgang managed to keep it together but obviously he was rattled. The man suggested that if things went differently, he could find a place for Wolfgang and his friends in his organization but the Dracula Dossier would have to be delivered to him. The man was impressed at the level of quality Wolfgang had put into the forgery he had passed off to Hamilton Hoyt and his associates in The Union after all. The man gave Wolfgang a burner phone to contact him later but cautioned his kindness and mercy was a one time offer. If they had to meet under such circumstances again, the situation would go much differently. Much differently.

After Wolfgang was dumped on the streets of Bucharest, he contacted the team and Illari went out to pick him up while he was out purchasing a silver solution he was going to adminisiter to Ozturk. When the two returned to their safe house, they debriefed with Pascal who revealed that the individual with whom Wolfgang was speaking was most likely the Duke of Edom known as Elvis. It was at this point that Pascal revealed the trove of information he had gathered on Elvis, one piece being a shipment that Elvis was interested in – something coming from Egypt to Brussels that he seemed interested in.

Cal knew that they either had to release Ozturk or kill him as they no longer needed him and merely being around him was a liability. The silver based solution that Illari administered was, hopefully, going to act as a bane to Vampires, specifically the one that was chasing him, possibly Dracula himself. They all agreed to contact Lou Mangiotti and try to negotiate a trade in exchange for either safe passage of information.

Upon contacting Magiotti, Cal was livid over the mess that had happened in Bucharest. Mangiotti was upset, as well, as explained his agents were not ordered to kill Cal’s team (evidenced by the fact that they shot at the tires and not at people) but explained that their intent was for Cal’s team to try and intercept Ozturk but let him escape. It had to seem real so Mangiotti’s men actually wanted the team to fail and let Ozturk to escape so they could follow him to the next link in the terrorist pipeline. Cal questioned Mangiotti on Elvis and Edom and did not really seem to know much about either, and Cal believed him. Of course, Mangiotti lost interest in Cal’s ravings when the mention of Vampires came up. However, in the end, the two men seemed to calm down and come to an agreement. Cal would turn over Ozturk and in return, Mangiotti would provide Fox Schillnger with more breadth, Mangiotti would give Cal access to Adam ‘The Cyclops’ Cylinksi, and he would make good on his promise to set Cal up with the bona fides to meet with his shady criminal contact. The contact, Sigmund Walther, was likely someone who could help them – for a steep price. But he would set up a meet when Cal wanted one but warned that dealing with Walther would be a dark experience.

Whereas the heat was still on in Bucharest, there were a number of things that still were open ended. They felt that there were investigations still warranted at Bichi National Bank, Heal the Children as well as the possible link to Vatican City’s Teutonic Cemetery and then there was the fascinating option of Pascal’s Egypt to Brussels shipment that Elvis seemed interested in. In the end, they decided getting what Elvis wanted or destroying it could land a nasty blow, even though it would attract his wrath. Pascal did, however, throw in one more complication – if and when they went to Vatican City, he was fairly certain he had an ‘in’ with an individual who could point them in the right direction of an item he was interested in and had been chasing down for some time – the fabled Spear of Longinus, an item, if real, could certainly be a legitimate weapon against vampires and even Dracula, himself.

However, in the end, the team decided the best plan was to hit the Axel Logistics shipment to Brussels. This had to be something that would complicate Elvis’ life. In the meantime, Wolfgang checked the details on Javed Al-Pari, the contact that Ozturk was supposed to hand over the coordinates to, and discovered he was on the radar of several intelligence organizations.

The group decided to investigate everything they could on the Egyptian shipment. Cal and Pascal worked together to find that the only thing that was likely the shipment was a shipment of Egyptian artifacts but was likely being guarded by two Edom trained teams. Fortunately, Cal was able to slip in and change the route to something more manageable for the team to hit.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang and Franco made a midnight run to Italy where they decided to raid the Cardellini armory, a well hidden cache of weapons that would likely come in useful to the Egyptian shipment hit. However, they ran into a pair of guards who were watching over the shipment. Spying on them for a moment, they were clearly not intelligence operatives but were working for someone who was clearly female and mentioned some kind of ‘predictive’ powers. Whether these were arcane or mundane in nature was not clear. Unfortunately a peaceful solution could not be gained and the two had a shoot out which resulted in only getting a few of the weapons needed.

Vicente and Illari set up a meet with Natalia Constantin in Bucharest to get more weapons and Cal set up a deal with Fox to get body armor. While meeting with the eccentric and likely insane Natalia, they were able to negotiate the deal with her but Illari snapped under the pressure of some of her comments regarding ‘shooting down commercial planes’ something that sensitive to Illari’s past. Vicente’s quick thinking and negotiation skills managed to calm the situation without it escalating to violence but Illari was unable to continue, stepping outside as Vicente impressed the young arms dealer.

Things were certainly falling into place.

But for whom?


Hasturmind Hasturmind

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