Tuefel Cartel


A mysterious cartel, growing in power in the Passau region of Germany.

Some chatter in the community has positioned a German arms network as recently gaining popularity as they have eliminated some key opponents, allowing them to consolidate power in central Europe, silently becoming one of the most feared arms networks in the area.

Their tendrils have extended into Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Serbia. They have even, supposedly, placed enough pressure on legitimate arms dealers like Leutner Fabrichen (based out of Bulgaria) to create special weapons they have been selling to shadowy outfits (such as Edom).

The leader of the organization is a reclusive figure known as ‘Teufel’ (The Devil), who is on the radar of no intelligence agencies as of yet. Tuefel’s second-in-command is Arnold Szell. Szell will typically only meet in specific locations to negotiate large, complex deals, otherwise he allows the smaller deals to be handled by his underlings.

The Tuefel Cartel seems to be centered in the Passau area of Germany, making it ideal as it is at the confluence of three rivers – the Danube, the Inn and Ilz, as well as the heavily forested region nearby and the proximity of the borders of Austria and the Czech Republic.

Tuefel Cartel

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