Red Room


A Red Room is a name given to the analysts of the Dracula Dossier which was a great source of power for Dracula. According to them, Dracula was able to paint a room with a substance of red paint and his own blood and then area would give him (and other vampires, perhaps) enhanced powers while in the room.

Known locations of Red Rooms:
Slains Castle
Munich Dead House
Carfax Abbey

The St Lazarus Documents found in the Vatican Secret Archives had the following to say about Red Rooms:

  • A Red Room is a special room that enhances a vampires natural powers. It is a considerable powerful research but there are not many of them. To create it the vampire has to mix paint with their own blood. This could defiantly leave a vampire in a weakened state as it must take quite a bit of blood and paint to cover an entire room.
  • The rooms make it easier for hypnotism, communication, and tracking of Dracula using physic powers. Now if these is limited to just Vampires of psychics have this advantage in these rooms as well is unknown. (-3 to difficulty of those attempts)
  • After being in the room for 13 hours a Renfield will start to sweet blood. I’m not sure how useful that is because staying in one of this rooms with a captive to determine if they are a Renfield for that longs seems difficult as you will see later.
  • Renfields that are not under Dracula’s control, created in a Red Room are even more powerful. (8 more general points to spend).
  • The room makes it easier for humans to cast vampire magic and to create Earthquakes. I have no idea how to pursue magical research and the idea that Vampires have magic in addition to their already known advantages is positively frightening. This also does help us understand how the Earthquakes are happening though again I am not sure how to look into that any further. (-2 to difficulty of those attempts).
  • It allows Dracula an increase of 16 Health and allows him to heal damage from a banes at a rate of 2 per night. We don’t know what the usual rate is or if it is possible for him to usually heal these kinds of wounds. We should be looking for ideas on what exactly counts as banes. I think we have some ideas.
  • Dracula can enslave every willing or weak minded person in the room.
  • Dracula refreshes his own aberrance pool at one a minute. These are the points he spends to do awesome vampire like things.
  • Costs for all vampire magic and necromancy for him is one less in the Red Room.
  • In the Red Room difficulty for Dracula on any test that involves his aberrance is at -3.
  • Dracula can apport and clairvoyant scry into a Red Room at any time. If I am understanding the meaning of apport it means he can teleport objects into an out of the rooms. That’s insanely powerful.

Red Room

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