Look, we’re high-tech spies. We bloody well have a central, encrypted wiki with mission notes.

Including a list of who edited what, and when.

This. Is. That. Wiki.

These are our unanswered and answered questions – with links to the relevant material in the wiki. Add your own. Edit as needed. This will also help us guide the question “What the hell do we do next?”

Just know…. all access is logged. Even Cal’s.

Player to Player Questions

  • Who is in charge of EDOM?
  • Who is Hopkins?
  • Why surveillance photos of Tabitha Holmwood and Lord Golman?
  • What connection does Wolfgang’s friend who have him the cellphone have with EDOM, and why did she give him it before this all started?
  • Who is Samantha Anserson? : Metro PD, used as cut out by Hopkins
  • Who is Roger Wick? : MI5, apparently clueless and loyal.
  • How much of MI5/MI6 is compromised?
  • Is Buckley/CIA just aware of EDOM, or are they actively involved?

Player to GM Clarifying Questions


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