Mirga Clanuri

Bucharest.jpgThe Mirga Clanuri, presently led by Luludi Mirga, is a powerful, but very localized criminal family, Romanian Mafia, located in the greater Bucharest area. Whereas many of the clans have extended their reach to Northern Italy, Spain and even Australia, the Mirga Clan has been adamant in their desire to stay centralized as that means power and tight span of control. Their operation covers prostitution, usury, store and home robberies, illegal drug trade. They have a fledgling smuggling operation that she wants to get off the ground, in honor of her dead husband’s memory.

Luludi Mirga is the insane and bloodthirsty wife of the late Boiko Mirga who died in a bloody shootout with police but not before taking out three of them with his bare hands, a story that Luludi tells and retells with great fascination, often with a strange sexual flare to go along with it.

Prior to marrying Boiko, Luludi was already a ‘Mirga’ and she and Boiko were actually second cousins as the Clanuri places a strong emphasis on blood and familial ties. All of her lieutenants are either Boiko’s brothers and cousins or her own brothers and cousins (and in a singular case, as sister).

Whereas Luludi has gone through an appropriate mourning period, she is reportedly involved with Boiko’s brother, Radu.

Luludi’s reputation as a bloodthirsty woman is well document and answers failure with brutality. She answers resistance with cruelty. She answers authority with murder and violence, brutalizing her way to the top, which is very unique for a young woman in a male dominated field.

She has issued a death warrant for Wolfgang Fechtner and Marika Skinsky for their role in undercutting her smuggling operation. For a brief period Luludi was so enraged that she offered money to anyone who would provide the identities or locations for Wolfgang or any of his friends. When Wolfgang was back in Bucharest, with his associate Pascal Lerue, the Mirga Clanuri almost had them thanks to the assistance of a hacker (who was later found dead in the Danube, though not by the hands of the Clanuri).

Whereas there are no known connections with Bichi National Bank, it is safe to assume that the bank could use the Mirga Clanuri as subcontractors for specific projects. If stories of the bank were to be believed, they would hardly be above that kind of activity.

The Clanuri uses a variety of arms dealers in their operation. One of Luludi’s favorites is Gabriella Vega, a capable dealer who seems loyal to the organization and is paid well. In addition, they use professional smugglers to get things from point A to point B. Unusually, Luludi goes high end on the talent, wanting the best Europe has to offer. Since she despises Marika Skinsky, she has had to turn to other figures, namely the retired Johan Schmidt.

A rival clan in Bucharest are the Ruvari Szgany (or the ‘Wolf Gypsies’). These are another localized criminal gang in Bucharest with whom the Clanari have a delicate truce for the time being.

Mirga Clanuri

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