Linklaters LLP


Linklaters LLP is a multinational law firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1838 and is a member of the Magic Circle of elite British law firms. It currently employs over 2,000 lawyers across 29 offices in 20 countries.

In 2015, Linklaters achieved revenues of £1.27 billion ($2.15 billion) and profits per equity partner of £1.42 million ($2.38 million), making it the world’s fourth highest-grossing law firm, and the most profitable member of the Magic Circle. In the UK, the firm has top-tier rankings across many practice areas, including corporate/M&A, capital markets, banking and finance. Linklaters counts more FTSE 100 companies among its clients than any other law firm. In the 2012 Global Elite Brand Index, Linklaters was named the third strongest global law firm brand. In much of their pro bono work, they are dedicated to stopping human rights violations worldwide, specifically, human trafficking.

Simon Purcell has been the firm’s managing partner since January 2008. Linklaters is very generous with support to influential members of Parliament, including Philip Holmwood. Linklaters represents numerous clients, internationally, including Bichi National Bank, Dow Chemicals, Warner Brothers Studios, the Caldwell Foundation, Nox Therepeutics and Heal the Children.

When one of their young, up-and coming associates, Erik Bennet III, closely associated with the Bichi account was shot and critically wounded, Linklaters gladly put up the funds to spare no expense in his medical issues and have him in an upscale London hospital until (or if) he recovers.

Linklaters LLP

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