Elvis Memo

A memo, written by Elivs to Osprey, suggesting a variety of Edom responses, presumably to investigator actions. It is listed below.

It is theorized that the following are true:
OSPREY = Duke of Edom
OAKES = Duke of Edom
POPEYE = Cal Morrison
POPCAN = Illary Vasyl
LAMB = Franco Selvaggio
BARKER = Wolfgang Fechtner
SPIRAL = Vicente Rojas
CAPSTONE = Pascal Lerue
PEARL = Duke of Edom
PEACOCK = Lord Caldwell
HOUND = Duke of Edom
GLUTTON = Gabriella Vega
ZOMBIE = Tabitha Holmwood

Internal Communication

OSPREY’s Eyes Only

Met with OAKES on topics. OAKES’ input was to be less direct.
Complying with your request to send Class VI Communications through Classified channels, and away from D’s usual chains, details and recommendations on following:

Increasingly distrustful of OAKES. Suggest SICKMAN Protocol.

Subject ZOMBIE is in perfect position to be leveraged. Recommend ZOMBIE be put deeper in play. ZOMBIE has connections that can be worked. Do NOT adhere SICKMAN Protocol to ZOMBIE. ZOMBIE has far greater uses. ZOMBIE will soon be desperate

Unsure where subject POPEYE and subject POPCAN have text stored. Waiting for opportunity to deploy PEARL. Do NOT deploy asset HEARTBREAKER for this. Not yet.

Detective Anderson needs to be interrogated as there was nothing regarding insider in personal or professional possessions. Dr. Drawes procured both Anderson and Clay, the photographer, for further interrogation.

Subject CLOCKMAKER in London. Movements and associates being compiled. Recent appearance jeopardized surveillance on subject POPEYE at semi-public location. POPEYE, LAMB, POPCAN and BARKER all present. All escaped. SPIRAL and CAPSTONE not present. Five cleaned up. Text not present.

POPEYE and associates have made connections with subject PEACOCK. Suggest marginalizing PEACOCK by way of scandal.

POPEYE and associates becoming threat. Suggest activating CARDINAL to eliminate. HOUND can make the meet and payoff.

Subject GLUTTON inadvertently interfering with Bucharest plans. Suggest eliminating GLUTTON. Arms deals a problem in Bucharest. Suggest local assets asserting ‘turf war.’

Deep concern over subject YETI in London. D wants me to set up a meet. Ill advised. Trying to stall. Suggest deploying asset HEARTBREAKER as HEARTBREAKER is already in London. Do not let your judgment be clouded.

Meeting with GLOCK soon to turn asset. Will advise when completed.

Suggest forum meeting for Dukes. D will want it. D will be displeased with the failure to retrieve text.


Elvis Memo

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