Edom is the name given to the shadow agency within the British government, seemingly tasked with recruiting a vampire asset for the intelligence community. Edom, named for the vampire tinged prophecy in the book of Isiah, has been in existence since 1893.

Edom seems to have unlimited resources and has allies, sympathizers and cut outs in numerous areas throughout the British government and European society.

The motivation of the organization seems to be to recruit a full vampire, specifically Dracula, at all costs and not tolerating any interference from outsiders that would jeopardize this plan. The size of the leadership is also a mystery as it is likely there are few actual members of this conspiracy, instead acting through pay offs and puppet organizations.

This is an extremely dangerous organization which is either acting carelessly or, as the mysterious analyst Hopkins suggested, may have even been subverted by Dracula, himself. The military arm of the organization, the Special Suppression Forces (SSFs), is out of the chain of command and receives their orders to guard, kidnap, protect and eliminate, as needed.

Eleven Dukes seem to act as an advisory council, taking care of various activities that require a personalized touch. Biblical references to the Dukes and Edom have been uncovered.

Several Dukes have been referenced in the investigation into the vampire conspiracy.




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