Dracula’s identity and source of power are both unknown. Certainly, Bram Stoker suggested that he was Vlad The Impaler, Prince of Wallachia from 1431 to 1477, member of the House of Draculesti. But there is evidence to suggest that the history that Stoker used to create or embellish upon this historical figure may have been less than accurate.

Regardless of what is true and what is not, an entity referred to as ‘Dracula’ seems to be a very real individual, likely a vampire (though what defines a vampire seems to be, as of yet, unknown). This individual has been courted by the mysterious organization, Edom but has not just rebuffed them at every turn but turned on them in many instances. However, either through foolishness, stubbornness or insanity, Edom continues to return in an attempt to secure this asset long term. However, Dracula seems to have been willing to work with Edom on occasion when their goals are mutual, such as their desire to have him locate and destroy various extremist Muslim cells. But it is likely not a stretch for Dracula, if his origins are in history, to seek out and eliminate Muslims.

As details about Dracula emerge, likely from investigation as well as Dracula Unredacted, his motivation, powers and history may come more into the light.

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