Dolingen Tomb


Dolingen Tomb is located in an old cemetery in the suburbs of Munich. The cemetery, when investigated, seemed to be the focal point of some surveillance, but inactive. When Cal Morrison traced it back, he discovered that it was being monitored by the BND. Supposedly it is the final resting place of Countess Dolingen, who was quite likely to be the current Countess Margo Dolinz.

When the tomb was breached by Ilari Vasyl and Franco Selvaggio, they discovered a secret door leading to an underground cavern. It was there they were beset upon by the child vampire, Berthold Dolingen and a pack of servitor ghouls (Ghoul)..

Naturally, just as the text, Dracula, states, the inscription on the tomb reads, in Russian, The Dead Travel Fast.

Dolingen Tomb

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