Carfax Abbey

Carfax Abbey is the name given to the location, in the novel Dracula, that Dracula called home. Purchasing the old building, Dracula’s activities remained secret as he used it as a base of operations. Coincidentally, the asylum that Dr. John Seward ran was nearby.

It was theorized that during World War II, the building that was Carfax Abbey was bombed into oblivion and the building no longer stands. However, the extensive research of Laurel Dene, journalist with The Guardian, discovered a likely location.

When the agents put the area under surveillance, they discovered it was a row of tenement apartments in a low-end part of London, with a power sub station and a water works station across the street. Due to the amount of activity that was observed, it left little doubt this was a black site location under operation of Edom and their pawns.

When the agents penetrated the facility they uncovered a Red Room, among other things and their actions led to the destruction of the facility.

Carfax Abbey

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