Bichi National Bank

Bichi National Bank is the central bank of Romania and was established in April 1880. Its headquarters are located in the capital city of Bucharest.

Bichi_National_Bank.jpgBichi is responsible for the issue of the Romanian leu and as such it sets the monetary policy, holds the currency reserves and manages the exchange rate.

The main tasks of the National Bank of Romania are the following:

  • to define and implement the monetary policy and the exchange rate policy;
  • to conduct the authorization, regulation and prudential supervision of credit institutions and to promote and oversee the smooth operation of the payment systems with a view to ensuring financial stability;
  • to issue banknotes and coins as legal tender on the territory of Romania;
  • to set the exchange rate regime and to supervise its observance;
  • to manage the official reserves of Romania.

In the international espionage community, the bank has a far more active and sinister reputation. There have been numerous connection that the bank has with criminal enterprises, leading those in the know to surmise that the chairman of the bank as well as the board members are in collusion with various cartels, laundering their illegitimate money and covering the tracks of various individuals. There seems to be no way to truly overstate the influence the bank has within the shadowy confines of international espionage and criminal activity.

Obviously, the bank employs numerous law firms and accounting firms to keep their name clean, but they also employ less savory individuals as agents when ‘dirty work’ is required. One such agent, known as ‘Karl Bonnaire,’ seems to act as one of their major agents in the west, having broad access to the bank’s expense account as well as reportedly being a skilled killer and cyber-security expert.

They are represented by Linklaters LLP, the international law firm.

Bichi National Bank

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