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  • Niles Graves

    Little is, as of yet known about Mr. Niles Graves. He is former [[SAS]] and after his retirement went into private security for wealthy European businessmen and aristocrats. Presently, he seems to have an exclusive relationship with [[:countess-margo- …

  • Zenzy

    Little is known about Zenzy other than he seems to be the loyal follower of [[Dracula]] in his guise as [[:dark-stranger | Baron de Vil]]. Whether or not he is a Renfield is unclear but it is unlikely Dracula would travel with anyone without supernatural …

  • Conall MacBay

    Conall MacBay is the manservant of [[:sir-wilfred-corbin | Sir Wilfred Corbin]]. He seems to receive guests, attend to his needs and set his schedule.

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