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  • Elvis

    The identity of Elvis is unknown other than he appears to be a Duke of [[Edom]]. [[:pascal-lerue | Pascal Lerue]] created a dossier on Elvis that revealed some of his current actions. Unfortunately many assets had to be burned to collect the following …

  • Osprey

    The identity of Osprey is unknown other than he appears to be a Duke of [[Edom]].

  • Hound

    This Duke of [[Edom]] is placed in charge of all Western European operations. She was recently revealed to be [[:vendella-french | Vendalla French]], by [[:omar-shakti | Omar Shakti]].

  • Pearl

    The identity of Pearl is unknown other than he appears to be a Duke of [[Edom]].

  • Oakes

    The identity of Oakes is unknown other than he appears to be a Duke of [[Edom]]. Further, it seems that [[:elvis | Elvis]] no longer trusts Oakes and has suggested applying the ''Sickman Protocol' to him, which appears to mean 'eliminate a fellow agent.'

  • Prof. Hans Loper

    A contact of [[:ilari-vasyl | Ilari Vasyl]] when Vasyl had been working undercover several years ago, Prof. Loper is attached with the University of Amsterdam and is a noted expert in botanical sciences. It was Prof. Loper who was able to arrange the …

  • Napoleon Corsico

    Napleon Corsico represents the kind of man that [[Edom]] recruits. Ruthless, efficient and loyal. Corsico was the first in command of the ill-fated caravan transporting Egyptian antiquities from Cairo to Brussels that was later hit by the investigate …

  • Gottfried Horst

    Gottfried Horst was the second-in-command of the ill-fated [[Edom]] caravan that was hit by the investigative team. Supposedly transporting Egyptian antiquities, Horst and his superior, [[:napoleon-corsico | Napoleon Corsico]], were able to escape the …

  • Prince

    The identity of Prince is unknown other than he appears to be a Duke of [[Edom]].

  • Vendella French

    What little is known about Ms. French is that she is a broker of expensive and antique home furnishings. Her small consulting business specializes in placing the right furniture in the right expensive home or the right high-end office. Of course, …

  • Vita Notturna

    Vita Notturna is the 'stage name' for a European celebrity blogger and quasi-journalist who travels from city to city, 'rating' the exclusive club scene in the major cities. The fact that she is a mid-level [[Edom]] agent is an excellent cover for …

  • Heartbreaker

    Heartbreaker is an [[Edom]] agent that is suspected of secretly working against Edom's interests. Referenced in several documents that the agents have uncovered, she was first encountered in Switzerland by [[:wolfgang-fechtner | Wolfgang Fechtner]], when …

  • Abbot

    The Abbot (real name unknown) was the director of the [[Edom]] facility, [[Carfax Abbey]]. After the facility was destroyed, it was unclear what became of him, likely returning to his Edom superiors for further instructions.

  • Baron de Vil

    Little is known of the Baron de Vil other than he was encountered conducting mysterious business at [[Carfax Abbey]], discussing a matter of some importance with [[:abbot | The Abbot]]. There was a theory that the Dark Stranger was, a the least, a …

  • Corsley

    Corsley was the name of the informant that the agents met through [[:laurel-dene | Laurel Dene]]. Dene discovered that he was a member of [[Edom]], close to [[:hound | Hound]], who wished to tell his story, for a price. However, when the meet took place …

  • Jorge Robles

    An [[Edom]] operative who was attempting to purchase [[Trinity Seals]] from [[:igor-vozich | Igor Vozich]]. He was killed in a firefight with the agents.. Robles was a Basque national out of Spain and was either a Duke of Edom or closely allied with …

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