Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 58: The Delapole Affair


October 6th, 2018 – October 14th, 2018

Prior to leaving Marseilles, Aiden Tobias continued his research into Le Dragon Noir. There were still secrets to be found and he was hellbent on uncovering them. For the team knew this was a powerful weapon in their fight against Dracula. But the book continued to take a toll on his sanity and mental well-being. But as fate would have it, luck was on his side and his educational background paid off in the form of unlocking the special ritual that the book contained. Now they had access to some kind of geological magic that could counter not only vampires but Dracula, himself. Further, references were made to a Vordenburg Diary, another item that may have some aid within.

However, the delay could not take up too much of their precious time as Pascal Lerue reminded them. They had to quickly move to Montreux, Switzerland and act upon the information provided to them by Odessa a few days prior. An auction, of sorts, was being conducted where the mysterious Colonel Kabeava would be unloading the last of the Trinity Seals. So the team quickly made their way to Montreux which was hosting an annual beer and wine festival.

Upon arriving in Monterux, the team followed the instructions Odessa had given them. They were to check in to a specific hotel, using the covers they had established linking them to Henri Valant, and speak to the manager about having specific flowers sent up to their rooms. The manager would then make arrangements to have a car come for them in a couple of days, taking them up the mountain to Schloss Karnstein. It was there they would stay for a few days as the auction was underway. They would get the opportunity to make whatever deals they could conduct with the mysterious Colonel.

Not content with sitting through the next day or two, the team decided to scope the area. Naturally, various intelligence agencies likely had some kind of a presence here, especially if such dangerous and notorious figures would be present to conduct illicit transactions. But the team wanted to know specifics and who they were dealing with. As a result, Aiden and Kat DeWein posed as husband and wife, moving through the festival with Illari Vassyl trailing behind them, seeing if they could spot agents or danger. Lerue stayed in the room, coordinating further efforts.

During their exploration, they noticed some suspicious activity, including an Axel Logistics truck that was in the area. However, any investigation was cut short when Illari was approached by a mysterious agent who led him, by knife-point, behind a beer tent and into the back of a truck where he came face to face with Sarah Hester of the CIA as well as some of her operatives. It was clear she wanted to talk and was willing to use force to set up the conversation.

They discussed tangential matters through an icy conversation but it did not take long for Aiden and Kat to double beck, detect the ruse Hester had set up and gain access to the truck. It was then that the reason for Hester’s involvement became much more clear.

She wanted to know what they had been doing in London, chiefly their reason and involvement with Luther von Heiss and the theft of his Spear of Longinus. Obviously, this caused agent Tyler Gold, who was present, a great deal of embarrassment. Hester revealed that things in the CIA London office had become stressed as the events surrounding that had led to COS Eloise Buckley becoming for less trustworthy and paranoid about her agents. Through the conversation, the team could tell that Hester was on the outside, looking in, trying to get back into Buckley’s good graces. What they could not determine with any sense of accuracy was whether Buckley was shoving Hester out due to Buckley having something to hide from her agents or Hester being truly untrustworthy and potentially working for Edom or other sinister forces. The shadowy politics of the CIA was showing its ugly side.

However, Hester did suggest that she had the potential to be friendly with the agents and felt that they, as a group, could work together. DeWein was, it seemed, skeptical of the partnership, recalling many of the somewhat rambling and obsessive notes taken by the late Cal Morrison in the past year. Whereas Hester and DeWein did not seem to hit it off well, Hester did, at least, explain herself.

Hester stated that she ran the best CIA operations in Europe and as a result, had agents everywhere and had access to resources, often at short notice. Illari confirmed this by telling the team how he had gotten them out of a tight spot some months ago by evacuating them from the top of a Cathedral in Amsterdam. In return, they would fill her in on some of their operations, especially how it related to the Dracula Dossier and the activities they were undertaking, in addition to dealing with projects that came up she needed doing.

Specifically, one particular operation that was needed was surveillance on one Lord Cecil Delapole. Delapole would be attending the same auction they were attending at Schloss Karnstein. As his jacket explained, Delapole had his own unusual past.

In 1997, while attending a church ceremony, Delapole attacked Princess Diana, near fatally. It took several bodyguards to fend him off and restrain him. He was, of course, exiled and the entire affair covered up. Nevertheless, Diana was dead several months later. Subsequent to his exile, Lord Delapole went to France and set up a successful vineyard. The ensuring investigation from MI5 and the CIA suggested that there was a ‘mysterious foreign woman’ he had been spending time with prior to the incident. The woman, later identified as ‘Helen Pierre-Rocher’ was unable to be found, even with the many ties of the agencies involved. But the one unusual thing found was a note on Delapole’s person after the attack that read ‘He will not let this go’ and no explanation was ever provided as Delapole had no knowledge of the note.

Agreeing to help Hester, at least on a conditional basis, the team went back to the hotel where the manager stated the car would be arriving for them shortly. The car arrived and took them up the mountain to Schloss Karnstein where they were assigned their rooms. However, at the cocktail hour where they were be introduced to some of the other individuals at the auction, they were shocked to find one of the guests, a Helen Pierre-Rocher who was, in reality, someone they recognized – Countess Margo Dolinz, a bride of Dracula!

Episode 57: Make England Great Again


October 1st, 2018 – October 5th, 2018

It was time to get closer to the Trinity Seals and unfortunately, the only individual who had knowledge of where they were was Elizabeth Bathory. But she was a deadly individual to get close to, so it was decided that Pascal Lerue and Kat DeWein would set up a meeting with Bathory’s chief lieutenant, Henri Valant. Adien Tobias, fearful of getting close to vampire witches, decided to work with Illari Vassyl to keep an eye on things from the outside.

Going to the Vienna hotel where the Bathory organization was headquartered, they set up a meeting with Valant in order to see if any new information had been revealed about the final Trinity Seal. The meeting was brief and to the point. Much to the team’s relief, Valant did have some useful information to impart with regards to the final seal’s location.

As it turned out Valant revealed that there was a figure in Marseilles, France who may have further information on the Trinity Seals. A mysterious criminal figure named Odessa was a Ukrainian mobster who was, effectively, the French Connection for heroin distribution. His operation was brutal and effective and Valant suggested that his information stated that he was in recent contact with the final Seal. But Odessa was secretive and rarely granted meetings. But fortunately, as it turned out, Tobias had his own surprise – he was familiar with one of the top figures in the organization, Emilie Rudyk. It was she whom he would have to leverage in order to get a meeting.

The plan was to connect with Rudyk and suggest that they were allied with Valant. They would then claim they desired to expand into Marseilles with the human trafficking ring backed by Valant and Bathory. Hopefully, this would be a large enough temptation for money to bring Odessa out of the darkness and ask about his connection with the Trinity Seals.

Arriving in Marseilles, they quickly set up a meet with Rudyk. She was receptive, as she had a good past with Tobias and after some light pressure and temptation, she agreed to set up a meeting with Odessa the following day but she would send a car for him. Of course, this came with a warning – Odessa was not an individual with whom to be trifled. He would allow no foolishness or disrespect. Tobias agreed and stated he would be ready the next day when she sent for him.

That evening, when the entire group met back up at the hotel, Kat was ambushed in her room by a grotesque vampire, clearly in the service of Graf Orlok, demanding the return of Le Dragon Noir. Kat’s life was quickly in serious jeopardy from the creature as it attacked with fury, fortunately, missing a potentially lethal bite. However, when Tobias broke into the hallway with a powerful arclight, the creature was ill prepared for such an attack. As quickly as it started, the fight was over. Curiously, when they investigated, they determined that the vampire must have entered the room through a faucet in the bathroom, confirming the further strange powers of these creatures.

The team wasted no time in getting out of the hotel and switching locations. But it would only be so long before the creatures could attack again. They would have to move out of the city soon. But the plan went well, they could be on the move again by late the following day.

In the morning, as promised, Rudyk contacted Tobias and sent a car for him. But they decided to bring Kat along, as well, hoping that the cartel would not be spooked by the affair. It was a chance they were willing to take as Kat was going to pose as the decision-maker for the Valant organization.

Upon arriving at their destination, a small French coffee shop, the entire area was filled with underlings and bodyguards of the Odessa organization, including Rudyk. In short order, after it was clear they were safe and had come in good faith, Odessa revealed himself, an older man who seemed more like a professor than a cartel boss. He was a larger-than-life personality who proved to have an interest in their deal of expanding into human trafficking. The team had to swallow their revulsion and pretend to move along with the scheme as it was the subsequent conversation they were after.

At the conclusion of the criminal deal, Kat broached the topic of the final Trinity Seal. Odessa confessed that he was familiar with it and that a dissident Russian colonel named Kabeava, had approached him a few weeks ago. The colonel had stolen it from the Russian People’s Museum (as well as several other artifacts) and was trying to sell it to some buyers. Whereas Odessa had declined the offer, he did send him to a location where eccentric and wealthy buyers participated in secret illegal auctions. Odessa agreed to make the arrangements for the team to get invitations to the exclusive event. With that, the team took their leave.

The group left town to somewhere more remote as Aiden needed to continue his research into Le Dragon Noir. He did not have much more he needed to get through but the task was taking an emotional toll on him. The research into the text was taking an increasing psychological assault on his mind. But with the subsequent reading he was able to reveal more information.

First, it seemed that there was a long term plan Dracula had for England. His scheme, as listed out in the text, was to slowly subvert the top layers of Victorian England society and trickle down to create a massive undead empire, thus making him a great ruler of a powerful nation.

Second, the revelation of earthquakes were uncovered. It seemed that the earthquakes were direct results of Dracula’s expenditure of power. Whether it was drawing power form the dreaded Scholomance or the Scholomance drawing power from him, it was clearly a rupture of power from the use of Dracula’s sorcery.

Finally, there was more of a reveal regarding the secret location in England that had already been referenced. One of the locations that the agents had discovered was an unrevealed spot in England that seemed to have a black out. This spot was on one of the Ley Lines that Dracula seemed interested in. As it turned out, this was known as ‘Ring’ which seemed to be the ancestral home of the Holmwood family and may have a current connection to Lord Godalming. This was certainly something could prove to be useful in the weeks to come.

Episode 56: Paper Dragon


September 23rd, 2018 – September 30th, 2018

The team decided to lay low in Cardiff, after it was clear London was too hot, crawling with various agents after the events at the home of Luther von Heiss. But they had the Spear of Longinus, an important artifact that they would be able to use to defeat Dracula. But Cardiff was not going to be a vacation as the team had jobs to do, with their top priority being the whereabouts of Castle Dracula.

Aidan Tobias set out on trying to uncover the secrets that were locked within Le Dragon Noir. It was a difficult, ongoing task, filled with increasing risks but also filled with the potential of a major pay off if the secrets could be unlocked. Tobias first learned that the text was filled with various geomantic theories and some precise research into ley lines, specifically a formula that showed the importance of Carfax Abbey to Dracula. Additionally, there were locations that seemed to be linked to Carfax, such as a location in Surrey, outside of London that was not on the map as well as a location not far from the abbey, The Dunwich Clinic, a hospital specializing in the study of blood. This lead him back to an initial figure early on in the investigation, a geologist named Dr. Henry Loughlin, who was also interested in ley lines but who had been scooped up by Edom and had disappeared. Most importantly, however, was Tobias seemingly unlocking a single spell that he now knew, the ability to turn his body into mist for a short time.

Meanwhile Illari Vassyl decided that a discreet phone call to Bishop Jean-Baptiste Champavier was in order. Since the Bishop was the leader of the Society of St Lazarus of Bethany, it was he whom upon the team was relying to produce an ancient cross as well as provide information. Vassyl explained that they had encountered von Heiss and whereas it was clear the Bishop had no knowledge of von Heiss’ involvement in the conspiracy, he agreed to look into the matter. However, as to the cross, the Bishop was, the following day, headed to Rome in order to secure the artifact.

For her part, Kat DeWein began researching possible locations for Castle Dracula. After dismissing a variety of popular locations that were essentially tourist traps, she knew that the real location was likely somewhere far more shrouded in darkness and secrecy. But she was getting nowhere. Then she stumbled across some notes in the group’s files, the existence of a so-called ‘Dracuologist,’ a history professor named Dr. Mehmet Lucasi. Lucasi was faculty at the London School of Economics and was not only an expert in Dracula, but was also a noted television personality. But was there more than met the eye with the professor? Could he possibly be an innocent or was his connection to their subject something more sinister? Looking into his background as well as any intelligence jackets he may have had revealed that he was on an MI5 watch list as well as seemed to have a deeper connection with the CIA in some capacity. Further, the professor was involved in oil money, taking large commissions from groups like Exxon for his research into historical sites in Romania, near major potential oil facilities.

It was then that Kat devised a plan. While Tobias continued to investigate Le Dragon Noir, she and Illari put together a scheme to see if they could learn more from the professor. Their multi-pronged plan involved contacting the professor at a reception and seeing if he would agree to an interview with one of Kat’s covers, a journalist from CNN. They used their connections with Lord Blakeford Caldwell to set up an interview studio and would question the professor and see what he had to say. They set up took several days, as well as some concerted efforts at flirting, but in the end, they were able to reel the professor in.

After setting up the interview and using Lord Caldwell’s people to make the makeshift studio seem real, Kat was able to turn on enough charm to convince the professor to invite her back to his apartment in London. The two shared an expensive bottle of champaigne while Illari waited outside. After getting the professor drunk and sleeping with him, she called Illari up and the two of them began to search his office. They eventually found a variety of secret papers, payments from Exxon and so on. But most importantly, there were maps of Romania. Knowing they could not discern the information here, they made the bold risk of simply taking the entire cache of papers. They slipped out and made the trip back to Cardiff.

Enlisting Tobias’ help, the group began pouring over the documents and maps. They discovered a pattern with what the professor was working on. Seeing the chain of payments linked back to Martin Creasey, an executive with Exxon, it did not take long to link Creasey to the greater conspiracy. Creasey was clearly a CIA officer and was Lucasi’s handler. Lucasi was working on important research for the CIA, hoping to pinpoint the location of Dracula’s castle and perhaps trying to scoop the important details to bring them on equal footing with Edom. If the CIA could get their hands on, or eliminate, Dracula this would provide important leverage over their counterparts. Lucasi was clearly a far more important part of the operation than even initially expected.

Further, it seemed that Dr. Lucasi had made some thin connections with Dracula and Jack the Ripper, as well as the possibility of Renfield still being alive. But most importantly, he had identified, to the best of his knowledge, the true identity of Dracula, Vlad III (1431-1478). This, of course, led him to identifying the true castle of Dracula, specifically, Castle Craciuna in Romania.

Based upon this cache of information, the team decided to make their way back to London and scoop up Dr. Lucasi for more information. Now realizing he was a bigger wheel in the operation than initially expected, they came to his street, to find the area crawling with London Metro police. Turning on the radio and police band, they discovered Lucasi had been murdered in his home and individuals meeting the descriptions of Illari and Kat were ‘persons of interest’ in the investigation. They knew it was time – yet again – to leave London and get their hands on the last of the Trinity Seals. But for that, they would need to deal with Elizabeth Bathory, an individual whom they were most certainly not looking forward to seeing again.

Episode 55: Just the Tip

September 15th, 2018 – September 22nd, 2018


After the events surrounding stealing Le Dragon Noir from the sinister Graf Orlok in the Passau region in Germany, the team was bloody, beaten and frightened. They determined that the best place for them to gain solace was making their way to the Dominican Monastery in Spain. The brothers there would welcome them with open arms and would protect them from the outside world. Of course, for some of them, merely reading the text would be a dangerous endeavor they would undertake that could be far worse than any physical threat. But Aiden Tobias was up for the challenge.

Upon arriving, the team discussed Kat DeWein’s idea of setting up an auction for an item that would draw out some of the more sinister and suspicious players on the field. However, after going through the logistics, they decided that whereas this was an excellent idea, they would really need to put a little more work into the theory as well as use it when they were getting close to executing their end game. The auction was a scheme they would be able to use once. And using it now may not net them the benefit they were hoping for.

While Aiden was preparing to spend time with Le Dragon Noir, the team received a visitor, Pascal Lerue. LeRue came bearing important information. He had been in contact with Arnbjorg Strand, the elusive burglar, who had provided him with useful information regarding the Spear of Destiny, or Spear of Longinus. And his dossier on the topic led them to understand that the item was in the possession of billionaire businessman, Luther von Heiss.

Looking into him, they recalled that Wolfgang Fectner had been investigating von Heiss for the purchase of Nazi memorabilia, but now it seemed he was a collector of a specific religious artifact. Looking deeper, they discovered he was also an avowed atheist with numerous connections to like-minded organizations and figures, such as Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens. Further, von Heiss seemed to have no wife and no interest in women, leading them to suspect there could have been darker interests he hid. Either way, it was important that they get into his London home and try and steal the object as it would have great value in fighting against Dracula. Fortunately for them, he was hosting an exclusive art party at his home. Burt first, Aiden was going to begin researching Le Dragon Noir.

When Aiden began to read the text, he felt a wave of dread come crashing down, learning the basics. First he found that the text did contain spells but they were some complex, it was unlikely he would be able to cast them without having the book on his person. He also found that this text was likely the very book that Dracula used at the dreaded Scholomance as Dracula’s own handwriting was present in the book, a shocking but interesting revelation. Finally, the portion he was able to get through revealed that the text would show a certain way to destroy a vampire regardless of their lineage. Of course, it was assumed that Dracula, himself, was immune, but nevertheless, the ritual would have extreme value. But he had to cut his study short, as the team had to head to London to attempt to gain control of the Spear of Destiny.

The team assembled their plan, with Pascal and Kat acting as an art dealer and his date, while Aiden and Illari Vassyl managed to get in as the catering team. They suspected they could cause enough of a distraction to send someone down to the basement where von Heiss kept his notorious treasures.

However, shortly after arriving, they discovered a further complication. First, CIA agent, Tyler Gold was present, clearly ‘on the job’ and there was also the added complication of several thugs in the employ of Bichi National Bank. Clearly, the groups were looking for something and under the circumstances, it was likely the Spear of Destiny. They would need to adjust their plan.

The newly formed plan seemed to revolve around shutting off lights and hoping the Bichi agents would do something foolish, perhaps further distracting Agent Gold. As soon as Illari hit the light breakers, Aiden slipped to the basement through the dumbwaiter and Kat and Pascal watched as one of the Bichi agents seemed to begin casting a spell, resulting in Agent Gold shooting him dead. In the chaotic distraction that ensued, Aiden was able to move further on the plan. As Aiden made his way to the basement, he discovered laser tripwires, criss-crossing the hallway preventing easy access to what he was seeking. Thinking quickly, however, he managed to use his mobile device to infiltrate the electronic security system of the home and shut the lasers down for a short amount of time. He progressed his way through and eventually came across a surprising sight – an underground Catholic chapel which was not only fully functional but also well used. It was unusual for an avowed atheist to have such a thing. It was not until he saw the religious vestments that he suspected that perhaps von Heiss was an undercover agent – a Catholic priest in a well-placed position to infiltrate organizations otherwise unwilling to deal with a priest. Either way, he had no time to consider that, presently. His attention quickly turned to the wall, where the Spear was mounted high up. He used the only tools he could to remove it from the wall – a pair of candle snuffers that brought it down. However, upon leaving, he discovered that the light trap had come back on, requiring him to move through the mess with agility and skill. Once getting through, he took the dumbwaiter to the second floor and made his escape through the forest while the others dealt with the arriving security and police force.

After dealing with the police and seeing the Bichi agents and Agent Gold detained by the police, the team made their way out and reconnected with Aiden.

With the Spear of Destiny, they now had more options in dealing with Dracula.

Episode 54: Shadow of the Vampire

August 31st, 2018 – September 14th, 2018


A week had passed since the incident at Castle Shreck. Vincente Rojas was gone, having run off somewhere to either turn into a creature of the night or end his life, Illari Vassyl was slowly healing, and Wolfgang Fechtner was dead. The sole shining point was that Kat DeWein was still alive and active.

When Kat determined that her fellow agents were not coming back, she made her way to the castle and discovered the automobile the agents had used. When she returned to her hotel to suit up and attempt to breach the castle on her own, she was stopped by Brother Oskar Groth. The mysterious monk explained he was a friend of Vicente’s and that Vicente and Illari were alive and at his monastery. She had to come with him. Cautiously, she came with him. But when arrived Vincente was was gone, already fled the scene to deal with his own problems.

Once Kat realized the severity of the situation as well as the fact that Wolfgang was dead, she immediately returned to the hotel to gather up as many supplies as she could in order to flee the scene and stay at the monastery while Illari recovered and they could determine their next plan – if any. However, while at the hotel, she narrowly escaped agents who were clearly looking for her. But she came in and out, unnoticed.

A week passed at the monastery as Illari slowly recovered and came back into health. At the end of a week, however, Brother Oskar came to Kat and told her that a mysterious stranger had come and wished to speak with Illari. Kat agreed to meet with the stranger.

In the chapel, Kat was introduced to Aiden Tobias, a man who had a very unusual story, including his involvement with the Stargate Program, a secret CIA project that explored psychic abilities. With that, she took him down to Illari where Aiden explained the rest of his story.

Aiden unfolded a tale where he knew Cal Morrison years ago but was taken into Stargate. After spending time in the program, he escaped, and came to Europe, knowing full well there were organizations that were coming after him. But he was acutely in tune to psychic energy and had explored the occult. Aiden knew he could help the team as he was aware of the dark forces that had gathered over Europe. He knew of Vampires. He knew of the Dracula Dossier and knew of the evil that was spread over the land. He was in a unique position to provide aid.

After a few days of reviewing the Dracula Dossier as Illari healed and as Kat reviewed more of the documents they had, they knew they had to secure the text, Le Dragon Noir. That was, after all, what they had come for. This is where Aiden could excel. He explained that he could try and remotely view the castle and see where the text was kept. He went into a deep trance and began seeing visions from the past and present. He saw Murnau, an obvious Renfield for the master that lived in the castle as well as the master’s brides, Irma Kessler and Vilma Koch. But when his visions came to the text, he was filled with evil and dread as he also sensed the master, a creature so wretched and vile, so depraved and removed from anything decent, that master’s mere existence was a grotesque blight on humanity. This being was the very essence of blackness in the world, sitting atop an organization not motivated by profit but motivated by spreading human misery and pain. This was what held control of Le Dragon Noir.

Kat DeWein made contact with a local supplier, Eric Bennings, and secured much needed items for their mission. But something about him was suspect . . .

The team suited up as soon as Illari was up for it. They decided to do more surveillance of the area this time, as they suspected a frontal assault would be a death sentence. Instead they searched the surrounding houses and discovered they were empty and they were likely used as graves for the underlings of Major Doring. When the team decided to search for a tunnel, they discovered one, a tunnel that would likely take them into the castle, and likely closer to the dark place where the text was kept, perhaps avoiding the master’s brides.

They entered the tunnels and passed through a chamber with mutated and grotesque rates, the size of small dogs. They were oozing pus and were in a state of rest. They carefully moved past the creatures but not before Aiden seemed to suddenly feel ill as he was convinced he had contracted something, decidedly unpleasant. They moved on, getting deeper underneath the castle, knowing they would likely have to deal with those grotesque servitor rats in the future.

They rose through the chamber into the main castle and were suddenly enveloped by darkness and were in the presence of pure evil. Their lights were quickly doused as the power of the master became known and within moments, the master revealed himself. Instantly, he was recognized for the sinister force that he was: Graf Orlok, himself, the nosferatu!

The fight was brutal and grotesque as Orlok used fell magic and his speed to quickly overcome the defenses of the agents. They, in turn, soon discovered that the weapons they had were mostly powerless. The only weapons they had which seemed to have any real impact, were their powerful flashlights that seemed to burn his impure skin. And they knew they had a limited amount of time before his brides arrived. And when Illari went down from the rats that had arrived, the situation became desperate.

Eventually the team used enough light to drive Orlok off, but they were aware he would return in a short amount of time. Aiden quickly moved towards the chamber where Orlok studied and found Le Dragon Noir. But he found something else to take him him. The document was a page that Orlok was studying – the Renfield Page.

They team escaped and made their way back to the monastery for Illari to again recover. They examined the Renfield Page, studying it and determining it was a code. But the real prize was Le Dragon Noir, ready to study it and reveal whatever secrets were present to help them defeat Dracula.

Episode 53: Fechtner's Last Reich

August 23rd, 2018 – August 30th, 2018


The infamous Castle Schreck was something the team knew they would have to penetrate if they were to uncover the secrets of Le Dragon Noir. Of course, the dangers that they suspected they would face were something even they could not yet imagine. To mitigate the danger, they did as much legwork as they could, reading historical documents of the castle and finding what they could. Whereas they did discover tunnels underneath the castle as well as a small stream, they were adamant in their theory that they should not blindly use underground, dark tunnels, but instead try something with less potential peril.

Illari Vassyl decided they would pose as hunters and investigate the surrounding forest near the castle. Wolfgang Fechtner and Vincente Rojas would also take part but Kat DeWein would stay behind in Passau, monitoring their progress.

The plan was to approach the castle in the dark hours of the morning, establish various posts from where they could monitor the castle as well as the castle grounds and keep watch all through the day, leaving when it became dark. It would be a very long day, filled with mostly dull observation. But hopefully it would reap dividends.

Through the day, there was minimal activity other than the actions of a lone man, a caretaker (later identified as Murnau). Murnau came and went from the castle and looked through the property. Only at around 6 PM did Murnau come out from the castle and remove the lock from the gate that sealed off the property. Most likely he was expecting visitors. But who? This certainly was enough to keep the team in position, to see who was coming.

As they waited, shortly after dark, a truck pulled up to the property and the driver came through and entered the courtyard. The team watched as the truck came to a stop and unloaded 15 bound and hooded prisoners and placed them in the courtyard. The driver and the passenger of the truck quickly got back in and drove away, nervously. It was at this point that the agents knew they had to do something as it was evident that these prisoners were to be used as food for whatever evil was inside. They immediately came down from their positions and made their way to the castle as quickly as they could.

Entering the courtyard, they immediately saw that in the time it took for them to get here, one of the prisoners was missing. Someone must have come and taken one. Before anything else could happen, the team began untying the prisoners, but discovered they were groggy and drugged and were incapable of helping themselves. Suddenly, behind them, having come from the same direction they did, was a figure. Wolfgang quickly saw his tattered Nazi uniform and pieced together this must have been the infamous Major Helmut Doring that was referenced in some of the Dracula Dossier materials.

Wolfgang sprung into action, merely hearing some of the grumbles that Major Doring uttered before opening fire, which immediately caught the attention of Illari and Vincente. But just when the team thought they had things under control, Major’s Doring’s undead troops came storming through the courtyard, with the agents risking being overrun within moments. The agents unloaded with every grenade, holy water vial and weapon they had, but they quickly were swarmed. Wolfgang barely knew what had happened before he was taken down by a group of the undead and both Illari and Vincente spent every ounce of their will to fight the creatures. Wolfgang managed to fend off some and his allies took out the others. But as he crawled his way over to Major Doring to deliver a kill shot, he knew that he was about to be swarmed again. He delivered the shot to the undead Major before another swarm swallowed him, leading to his inevitable death. But in a final act, he pulled his grande, taking some of them with him.

Shocked by the death of Wolfgang, Vincente and Illari pushed on. fighting valiantly, but they, too, were quickly overrun with Vincente taking a ruthless bite from one of the creatures, a bite that seemed to have deeper ramifications, as he would soon see. But both men succumbed to their injuries, falling unconscious, in the presence of some of horrific creatures. Was it the end of the agents?

When they awoke, they were in a dungeon, presumably in the castle. They were chained to rusty beds, in almost total darkness and their bodies were wracked with pain. They were weak and tired . . . and Vincente was hungry.

As Illari mustered his strength to see if he could get free, there was a figure at the door. The caretaker, Murnau, had come to speak. He wanted to know who they were, wanted to know who had hired them and wanted to know what they were doing. Illari tried to carefully play along, dropping false hints they were with Edom, and seemed like Murnau believed it. Of course, Murnau also revealed that he was something of an artist, darkly hinting that he had taken many pictures and created many movies over the years, suggesting something rather dark. Murnau then left, as he felt Illari had not provided enough information, claiming that he was going to collect some of the Master’s brides . . .

While Murnau was gone, Vincente went to work trying to get free. He mustered up the strength needed to twist off one of the metal pieces from the bed and quickly began to pick the lock from the manacles. As soon as he got free, he freed Illari and the two of them escaped the room. But the entire dungeon are was enveloped in darkness. Vincente needed to feel his way around the castle until he came to an area with some light that lead to a stairway. But every moment he moved forward was painful. And he felt the hunger try to take control of his body. As he ascended the stairs, there was light but there were also voices. Female voices with Murnau’s. Vincente knew these must have been the brides. He attempted to sneak past them but the brides, Vilma and Irma, smelled him, and took note of his scent. And then the chase was on. For a moment, Vincente pondered dropping Illari, but he reached down deep inside of himself to find the strength and pressed on. As the brides chased after him, climbing on the ceilings and walls, he pondered stopping and taking a final stand. But he jumped through a nearby window, finding it was light outside, and breathed a sigh of relief as the brides were unable to follow in the daylight, merely hissing at him.

Vincente found the car they arrived in and made his way outside of town. He decided to activate an old associate at a Benedictine monastery, Oskar Groth. Brother Oskar took in Vincente and Illari and hid them in the basement.

Several days later Illari awoke and discovered that Vincente was gone, Brother Oskar explaining that Vincente had slipped away, struggling with his vampirism. Illaru needed a burner phone and needed to contact Kat as the castle was clearly dangerous but contained Le Dragon Noir, an object they badly needed.

Episode 52: Branching Out

August 12, 2018 – August 22nd, 2018


The team decided that investigating the Tuefel Cartel was heir next course of action. After all, Sir Wilfred Corbin informed them that according to his research, the famed Le Dragon Noir was in their possession and this would be a powerful weapon with which to challenge the forces of Dracula. However, they had a problem. They clearly needed some assistance in dealing with the powerful criminal organization. Wolfgang Fechtner suggested that N Branch may be able to provide some aid but the complications that set in were that N Branch had already given Fechtner an assignment – investigate Henri Valant and the connections to human trafficking. And since Valant was connected to Elizabeth Bathory, a woman they were now (partially) trusting, this would require some finesse on their part.

With that in mind, the team decided to return to London to speak with Hansi ‘The Hun’ Wollf, Fechtner’s N Branch contact. Of course, according to Corbin, N Branch had been subverted by the Tuefel Cartel, so the negotiation would have to be delicate, indeed.

Upon arriving in London, they made arrangements to meet up with The Hun and report what they had found and see if she had information. Meanwhile, Illari Vassyl decided to meet with his sister, Nina Vassyl, to see if she was safe. The meeting went well, with the possible exception of her current boyfriend, Graham Martin, an investment banker with connections with Heal the Children. Martin seemed a safe, but clueless choice, for his sister.

The following day the team met up with The Hun and informed them that they were close to finding Le Dragon Noir, the reputed mystic tome. But upon hearing that it was in the hands of the Tuefel Cartel, she became somewhat guarded, informing them that there was something of a blackout surrounding the organization. They would receive minimal help from the German government or N Branch on this specific assignment. As to their involvement with Bathory’s organization, she seemed pleased that they had gotten so far involved with the group and was very pleased with the valuable intel they had provided. However, at the end of the meeting, despite the fact that officially they could not help the team against Tuefel, she provided them with a lead in Frankfort. This lead ended up being a credit line with the Bank of Frankfort that they could use to fund an operation ‘off books.’

Making their way to Passau, they spent time taking in the scenery, getting to understand the layout of the land, and most importantly, conducting a watch on Szell and his organization. It seemed that Arnold Szell kept to a routine, conducted most of his business at his offices/warehouses near the river docks and spent time at his country estate. Briefly spending time with a young lady on Saturday, he was constantly surrounded by bodyguards. There were certainly coded conversations with underlings but he acted like a man who was untouchable. After all, if he had the German authorities on the take and had eliminated most of his enemies, he had little to fear. But the concern the team had was to figure out who is superior was. It seemed as if he had little contact with anyone else. They would need to do something that would cause him to make contact with superiors.

The scheme they came up with was to break into Interpol and German intelligence reports of Tuefel’s operation and set up a bust on behalf of Interpol (who was not in Tuefel’s pocket). They contacted Pascal Lerue and had him pull the strings needed and be on the scene. The plan was for the team to then monitor what Szell did next, knowing it would prompt him into action.

They executed the raid and Fechtner ensured the story immediately got to their contact, Laurel Dene with The Guardian. They would put pressure on the conspiracy. With Kat DeWein and Vincente Rojas waiting near Szell’s compound, they would monitor his actions.

As expected, word got to Szell quickly from his agents. And within an hour, Szell and his bodyguards were on the move. Curiously, he seemed as if he was going to speak to a superior rather than make a phone call. This caused some concerns, as anyone whom he would have to speak to was either unable or disinterested in using a telephone. But with the trip along a single road, it would be difficult for DeWein and Rojas to follow without being seen. When Fechtner tried to monitor with satellites, there seemed to be a blackout over the area, further leading to suspicions that something was amiss. But it confirmed they were on the right trail. When Dewein and Rojas tailed Szell and his team to a castle on the outskirts of Passau, they KNEW they were on the right trail . . .

The team waited, wondering what would come of the meeting and how long it would last. After a couple of hours Szell and his henchmen left and returned the way they came. Apparently, whatever business they had was concluded after meeting with, what was likely, the master. But with whom or what did they speak?

Episode 51: The Corbin Connection

August 5th, 2018 – August 11th, 2018


Still recovering at the Vienna resort of Elizabeth Bathory, the agents had physical and mental injuries that needed to be addressed. The few days spent were well worth it. Kat DeWein spent most of her time relaxing by the pool. However, for Wolfgang Fechtner and Illary Vassyl, there was more to do. Fechtner set to work identifying which of the Trinity Seals may have been forgeries but his research was, as of yet, inconclusive. Illari, by contrast, set out to find some black market contacts to replace some of their tactical supplies. Vincente Rojas needed more time than the others to recuperate as the fight had taken the worst toll on him.

A curious turn of events suddenly transpired with Wolfgang. A call came in from Sir Reginald Hillary, the law professor that had provided useful information back in Exeter. Sir Reginald provided information on a local asset that he had previously promised to reveal. Sir Reginald mentioned that his secretive associate, Sir Wilfred Corbin, was willing to assist them and as it turned out, was not far away, leaving in a reclusive home in Esztergrad Castle outside of Budapest.

The group then got together and made their way to Budapest and arrived at Esztergrad Castle. They were shown into the posh home by Sir Wilfred’s servant, Conall MacBay and brought to the grand and impressive library where Sir Wilfred was hard at work. After making some warm introductions, Sir Wilfred got down to business.

Sir Wilfred explained that as a hematologist, he had vast experience in studying blood and various blood diseases. At some point in his history, he came across the existence of not only vampires but also by the existence of Dracula, himself. This generated interest in the team and Sir Wilfred continued with his explanation. He provided charts and notes on the various vampire lineages as well as some of the powers that he had identified in them, including the activities of werewolves, which he stated were the direct servants on Dracula and his undead vampires.

Curiously, Sir Wilfred claimed minimal knowledge of black bag operations or clandestine activities but he also went into some detail of teams he had deployed into the field to conduct studies on the undead. Illari seemed to think that Sir Wilfred knew more than he was revealing, but either way, Sir Wilfred’s knowledge on the subject was some of the most complete they had come across. However, there were a few areas that Sir Wilfred was unsure about. He stated that his research would be enhanced by both the Dracula Dossier and Le Dragon Noir. When the team claimed they no longer had the Dracula Dossier, Sir Wilfred implored them this was a text they would have to continue to regain. As to Le Dragon Noir, Sir Wilfred stated that he knew of a group that had possession of such an item – the infamous Tuefel Cartel, located in Passau, Germany. Of course the Tuefel Cartel was no stranger to the team as this was an organization the team had deal with on several occasions, directly or indirectly.

Sir Wilfred explained that the mysterious leader of the cartel, an individual named Tuefel, was in possession of Le Dragon Noir and that a team of Sir Wilfred had almost secured it several years ago. This book was key to unlocking some of the secrets and vulnerabilities of Dracula and his associates. The team agreed this would be something they would attempt to recover, much to Sir Wilfred’s delight.

When the conversation turned to Dracula, himself, Sir Corbin revealed that there would be several areas in which to look, in order to destroy him. First, Dracula’s true castle would have to be found, as well as the weapons to destroy him, finally finding a way in which to prevent his escape to return to either a Red Room or some of his sacred earth. This was earth-shattering news to the team but was reassuring to know they had been on the right track.

Wolfgang Fechtner felt that Sir Wilfred was trustworthy enough to hand over a copy of his Barker Analysis. This seemed to legitimize the idea that the agents were competent and confident in their actions. It was during the time that Sir Wilfred stepped away from the library that the rest of the team was able to poke around the library. They found a cache of books that got their interest, such as ancient philosophical texts and texts dealing with vampire hunting through the centuries. It was clear that Sir Wilfred had been in this game for quite some time and had invested decades of work and a small fortune to get where he was.

Upon his return from reading the text, Sir Wilfred was amazed at the amount of work the team had put into their own efforts. At this point he revealed his own aid to the team, which was a small case that contained 5 doses of a serum that would, if used ahead of time, would prevent the spread of vampirism. The case was a silver electronic, refrigerated case that held the serums. He warned that the serum would have to be taken before an attack and would only go in someone’s system for 12 hours.

At this point, the group decided to get back to Vienna to the Countess’ resort. Upon returning and settling back in, the team knew that they would have to make a trip to Passau and find a way to wrest Le Dragon Noir away from the cartel. But that was a plan they needed to perfect as Sir Wilfred explained that the cartel was a serious threat.

Upon getting back to his room, Wolfgang was greeted by Elizabeth Bathory, herself, who seemed curious as to where he and the team had been. He carefully constructed a lie that the Countess likely did not believe. But when she attempted to get the truth from him through magic, he somehow resisted. At this point, the Countess warned him not to keep secrets from him and left. Wolfgang wasted no time in getting to the others and suggesting that they may have outstayed their welcome and it was time to move on to Passau.

Episode 50: Night of the Bat

August 1st, 2018 – August 5th, 2018


The plan was set.

Or, at least, mostly.

Knowing that the only way of getting their hands on the Trinity Seals from Adelaide LeClerque was to rescue her partner and lover, Narcissa Dvorask, from the clutches of the notorious Tuefel Cartel. But with the complication of the presence of Dracula, they needed a plan that would allow them to escape as well as leave LeClerque in the clear from wrath of the Dark Prince. The team needed a scheme to throw someone else the blame rather it falling on LeClerque. Wolfgang Fechtner came up with a clever scheme. By laying enough evidence behind the rescue operation, it would leave the observer to conclude that Edom was responsible, using a pawn, Savas Osman, having double crossed Dracula. Wolfgang, along with Kat DeWein and Vicente Rojas set about constructing the paper trail that would leave LeClerque in the clear and throw the blame to Edom. Illari Vassyl, however, scoped out the warehouse where Dvorask was being held to gather whatever intelligence he could.

It was decided that the team would send Vicente to the top of the warehouse along with LeClerque’s trusted agent, Johann Strause. Wolfgang, Illari and Kat would remain nearby, ready to spring into action with the element of surprise. Strause and Rojas made their way to the roof of the warehouse and silently took out three of the guards on top of the building and began to work their way to the door to get into to the building. As they opened the door, they were surprised to find another agent waiting and took him out as well. But at that exact moment, back in the van Kat intercepted a message into the warehouse that, when translated, was sending a warning to those inside: ‘Infiltration Imminent.’ At that exact moment, a swarm of bats came past the van. The teams could not wait any longer. They sprung into action. Rojas and Strause stormed the building and Wolfgang rammed the van through the front gates of the warehouse.

As the two groups entered the different points of the warehouse, they began shooting and taking out as many opponents as they could, keeping an eye out for the hostage, Dvorask. While Wolfgang, Illari and Kat took out combatants on the floor of the warehouse, Vincinte and Johan broached the top level and offices of the warehouse. In a short amount of time, the pair discovered a room where Dvorask was tied to a chair. However, before they were able to untie her, they were beset by the mysterious Bon Hoest, the leading agent of the Tuefel Cartel. And when it seemed as if they had the upper hand over him, he revealed a secret of his own: his servant creature, a giant man-bat creature that towered over all of them and seemed as ferocious as it did sinister. And this creature would soon prove to be one of the more dangerous adversaries they would deal with.

Meanwhile on the floor of the warehouse, the firefight raged on, with bullets flying around the entire facility and the team doing their best to repel the attackers. But upstairs, Vincinte had his hands full with the creature that screamed and clawed and bit with dangerous natural weapons. But with a strategic attack, Vincente pushed the creature away with a dangerous attack of his own, sending the creature out of the upper floor. But it was at that moment that another twist occurred – Strause turned against his ally, stabbing him in the side, commenting that the death of Dvorask and turning over the Trinity Seals to Dracula would end all of his problems and put him second-in-command of LeClerque’s operation. Vincente managed to kill him with a well-placed shot in the head. But the dangers were not over.

Hoest, now on the floor of the warehouse commanded his creature despite numerous and relentless attacks against it as a mind-boggling amount of damage was done to it. But Hoest seemed to control it with some kind of arcane ability. As the creature began to heal, Hoest then attempt to possess Illari, sending the spirit of the creature into Illari. But a series of shots against him seemed to shut the power down. At that exact moment, as Illari was regaining control over himself, Wolfgang got a text from LeClerque: HE was coming. The team had to escape before Dracula arrived. Vincente managed to plant the evidence implicating Osman and Edom in the attack, hoping it would be enough to send Dracula in a different direction. After that, the group fled the scene in a stolen car, but as they left, they noticed that lights in the area were going dark, indicating that Dracula and his agents were making their way towards the area. It was best that they not be around when he arrived.

The team contacted LeClerque, desperate for harbor as they had been hurt badly and Vincente Rojas was in rough shape, having been bitten by the bat creature. They recieved instructions to bring Dvorask to LeClerque’s yacht, on the Vltava. Upon meeting up, they set sail moving their way towards the Danube and towards Vienna. In the meantime, medical attention was required for everyone and a special serum was needed for Vincente, lest he succumb to whatever disease the bat creature would have given him.

Thankful for their aid, LeClerque kept her side of the bargain and handed over the Trinity Seals. Upon leaving them in Vienna, they made their way back to Elizabeth Bathory and learned that she had a lead on the final (fourth?) Trinity Seal. But of greater interest, they discovered that their scheme to undermine Edom was even more successful than they had imagined. Not only was Dracula furious with Edom but Savas Osman was killed as retribution. But the only way Edom could have gotten to Osman so quickly is if he had some kind of concrete relationship with them.

Osman clearly had a closer relationship with Edom than the agents had ever suspected.

Episode 49: Czech Out

July 29th, 2018 – July 31st, 2018


Immediately making use of the talents that the newest agent, Kat DeWein, brought to the table, the team made their way to Prague in order to meet with her contact, Johann Strause. Strause was a member of the LeClerque Syndicate and was clearly close to Ms. Adelaide LeClerque.

Kat and Strause met at an open air cafe which allowed Illari Vassl to be nearby as well as saw Wolfgang Fechtner in the van, running surveillance. Having met up with Pascal Lerue, he was also present, working the area on foot. It did not take long for Vassyl to notice an agent walking around the block several times which put Lerue on him.

Meanwhile, Kat pressed Strause for information, specifically getting around to the idea of purchasing weapons and other materials pertaining to her undercover role as a criminal operative. Strause was all too willing to help his former lover in this regard and he provided her the name of a location and a code word – St. Monica’s church in Prague. When matters turned to more unusual items, he became intrigued. She showed him a list of items she was also somewhat interesting in finding, one of which was the Trinity Seals. This caused Strause to abruptly call an end to the meeting and return, presumably, to his employer, LeClerque. Whereas this did not get them close to her, it was at least laying the foundation.

As the conversation between Kat and Strause continued, Lerue decided to lift the passport from the man running surveillance. They quickly found his name was ‘Volik’ but this would have to be investigated further. After Strause left and the group got back together, they then looked at the evidence they had compiled.

At Kat’s insistence, the group made their way to an upscale hotel in Prauge, for better or worse with the nightclub, ‘Meet Market’ in the lobby. It was here that they determined they would start investigating Volik.

Wolfgang quickly discovered the passport was fake and was the work of the renown operative Klipper Vonnet, a weasel, but an expert in the field of government document forgeries. Whomever could afford Vonnet was a powerful adversary, indeed.

Illari and Vicente Rojas made their way to St. Monica’s in order to look around and see if it was a safe spot for Kat to follow up. Whereas St. Monica’s was in a rough section of Prague, it was amazing that the church was neither defaced, nor seemed to have any trouble from some of the locals, suggesting there was something more involved. Upon making contact with the priest, Fr. Jan Konec, it became clear that the priest was the next link in the LeClerque syndicate and who would be selling weapons on the organization’s behalf.

Back at the hotel, Wolfgang continued to pry into Volik, who was a Czech citizen who carried a French passport and had done lots of traveling to England and back. Further, their investigation revealed he was staying at the Kronsenstein hotel, a converted palace. The plan then began to form of perhaps kidnapping Volik. Pascal used his sources to discover that Volik was, indeed, staying there, but was clearly off the books in all aspects.

Later that evening, Kat went to St. Monica’s to negotiate with Fr. Konec. Using the code word provided, she was able to go into the confessional with him and discuss the sale of numerous arms. The deal went smoothly (for once) and she was on her way. But again, this did not really get the team any closer to the LeClerque organization. Instead, they determined, they would have to engineer some kind of problem with the order and demand to ‘speak with a supervisor.’

Their attention then turned to dealing with Volik. They determined if he was keeping an eye on LeClerque, it was possible he was an adversarial buyer for the Trinity Seals with was something they could not allow to get in their way. So a kidnapping was now on the table. They gathered uniforms for the hotel, a room service cart and other disguises and made their way to the hotel.

After attempting some subterfuge with the hotel manager, suggesting Volik had ordered a call girl, the manager explained, in no uncertain terms that Mr. Volik was no longer at the hotel, Kat’s plan was faltering. His associate Zenzy had stated he had checked out. Was this some kind of punishment for losing his passport? Perhaps whomever Zenzy was, would have more answers. After using more charm to get the manager to summon Zenzy (and then Wolfgang hacking the system to see which room it was), Zenzy made a brief appearance in the lobby to shoe Kat away. Zenzy was intimidating and intense. And also very clear she was to leave.

Of course, this generated a new plan. Wolfgang discovered that Zenzy was staying in the Presidential Suite (meaning he was seriously connected). Wolfgang also determined that Zenzy was listed as an attorney with Billington and Sons, the lawyers in England who were connected with the conspiracy. Was Zenzy Edom or something else?

The plan was then to engineer an issue with the heating and cooling in the Presidential Suite, prompting Zenzy to call down and complain. The team would intercept the call and make their way into the room. From that point, they would either interrogate Zenzy or kidnap him. As predicted, Zenzy did call to complain, they did intercept the call and Wolfgang assisted them in getting through the security parameters to get into the Presidential Suite.

They were greeted by armed guards outside the room and when they got inside, they quickly discovered why security was so tight . . .

Certainly Zenzy was present, but from the back emerged the Dark Stranger, the man they first met at Carfax Abbey, and Zenzy referred to him as Baron de Vil and it was apparent to everyone that this, standing before them, was none other than Dracula, himself! But within a short amount of time, de Vil wiped the memories of those present, though somehow Illari resisted, recalling every harrowing moment of repairing the broken heating and air system. But it was Wolfgang who managed to control the settings from a distance.

Amazingly, Illari was able to maintain control of his faculties and get the team out. Once they returned to the van nearby, Illari explained what had happened and the group came to the dire conclusion that Dracula’s presence meant he was here to oversee the possession of the Trinity Seals, personally, meaning they had to act. Quickly.

They made their way over to the nightclub that Adelaide LeClerque operated and Kat made a frantic call to Strause to explain an emergency had come up and she had to speak with him immediately and fortunately he agreed. Upon getting into the nightclub. Kat quickly approached and explained that the Trinity Seals were now a major concern. Upon hearing that, he took her upstairs to meet with LeClerque.

LeClerque was alone in a massive living room, standing under a portrait of herself. Suspiciously absent was her lover and partner, Narcissa Dvorask. Kat began to explain that there were dangerous people in Prague that were looking to take the Trinity Seals from her and would likely destroy her and her organization in the process. LeClerque seemed unfazed by Kat’s directness but seemed distracted. To Kat’s surprise, LeClerque seemed to not be surprised over the revelation, explaining not only was she aware of the faction wanting the Trinity Seals, but was in negotiation with them to hand them over.

LeClerque explained further, however, she was uncertain what to do as she was in a predicament. She knew who Dracula was and how dangerous he could be. She then explained that another group, the Tuefel Cartel also was in town, wanting the same items. And the Tuefel Cartel seemed to have the upper hand. Unbeknownst to Dracula they had kidnapped Dvorask and were using her as leverage to get LeClerque to hand over the Seals. And LeClerque had been doing everything she could to stall both groups until she figured out what to do.

At this point, Kat asked to bring up her associates. LeClerque agreed and once the others arrived, LeClerque again explained the situation and suggested that if there was a way to get her out from underneath this problem, she would not only hand over the Trinity Seals she had (even though one could be a forgery) but would also provide another surprise they would make use of. But they had to create a solution that not only resulted in Dvorask being saved but also prevented Dracula and his associates from exacting revenge, which caused the other to considering the possibility of making Dracula think Edom was involved. When asked whether or not LeClerque had any intel to provide, she stated that she had her people follow the Tuefel Cartel’s agent, but he literally would disappear, suggesting he was somehow supernatural. The blurry nature of the photos her people had taken seemed to confirm this theory. But the team now had a plan and were narrowing down where the Cartel had been holed up.


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