Vasile Chitul

A brutal trafficker in people


Vasile Chitul runs a network that runs out of Moldova through Galati and onto Bucharest; from there his victims go to countries in Western Europe (according to The Unicorn) where they are forced into the sex trade to ‘repay’ Chitul for transporting them. He still makes many of the border crossings himself (or leaves the actions to trusted underlings like Luka Mondragon), driving an articulated truck across into Moldova by night to pick up more ‘cargo.’ The guards at the border checkpoint work for him in some capacity. He long ago burned out any empathy for his victims; punishment beatings and sexual violence are second nature to him.

He has been under ongoing surveillance from The Unciorn’s network and The Unicorn supposedly has mixed emotions on how to deal with him. On one hand, he is an excellent source of information on trying to stop other operations but his tactics and methods reveal him to be a monster that needs to be removed from the earth.

Recently, actions by Thor Halvarsson, noted champion of human rights, prompted Chitul to put out a hit on the man. Paid assassin, The Cardinal, supposedly took the job but was eliminated by the combined efforts of Pascal Lerue, Ilari Vasyl and Vincente Rojas.

Vasile Chitul

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