Tabitha Holmwood

A vapid and shallow party girl


Edom Codename: Zombie

Hardly a week goes by without a photo of Tabitha showing up in a supermarket tabloid or another. She might be falling out of a nightclub, blind drunk, or seen with some pop star, hot young actor, or younger member of the Royal Family – she is the queen of Eurotrash.

Clearly she is the black sheep of the Holmwood family. He uncle, Philip Holmwood considers her an embarrassment and has sent agents to isolate her on more than one occasion as he does not wish for her antics to compromise his plans in Parliament.

Obviously, the tabloid hacks salivate at the thought of being able to write “Lady Goddaming” headlines in a few years.

However, her publicist (who is considering putting “damage control” on her business cards) sometimes attempts to rehabilitate Tabitha’s public image by getting her to fundraise for various charities, including Heal the Children. Her friend and valet, Ginger Smythe, seems to keep her appointments and no doubt reports back to the publicist, in an effort to keep Tabitha out of too much trouble.

Several months ago Wolfgang Fechtner was given an assignment to watch Tabitha. One of the current men she was seeing, Erik Bennet III, was supposedly an asset for Bichi National Bank and it was suspected that if she could be compromised, she may be able to provide intel on the shady bank. However, before the assignment could press forward with any depth, Erik was shot (as it was suspected that Erik knew too much and could not be trusted) while attending a yacht party. Whereas Erik did not die, he is still in a coma in an upscale London hospital. Naturally, Tabitha was by his side for the first week, getting numerous photo opportunities, but she has since moved on, swiftly.

Since them she has been seen with a variety of young men, one such individual being Franco Selvaggio’s alias Luigi Cardellini (not to be confused with the actual Luigi Cardellini). In addition, Tabitha has also been on numerous spending sprees through Europe, especially Munich, where she ends with her unboxing a variety of purchases and posting these ‘SWAG’ videos.

It was recently discovered that Ms. Holmwood is suspected by the BND of being an active participant in an in-depth smuggling ring operating in or out of Munich. Johan Schmidt seems to have been the author of these reports, dragging Wolfgang Fechtner into the tale. But further investigation confirmed these stories, as the investigative team confirmed her connection with Cemal Gusa outside of Munich, with her instructions of smuggling dirt back into London, an arrangement that Schmidt, himself, had been doing for several years.

Tabitha Holmwood

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