Saverio Tumicelli

An illigitimate businessman


For several years, Saverio Tumicelli ran a smuggling operation through Italy, Austria, Greece, Hungary and Rumania. This Italian-born criminal had charm and wit and was able to translate his operation into a significant and lucrative business. Aided but his attractive (and much younger) Ukrainian girlfriend, Christina Wasslyk, the two of them were able to move anything their clients wants – guns, drugs, and even children – from place to place to meet the needs of often impatient clients.

Vincente Rojas certainly needed them to spill information as he had gotten their names from Cardinal Heinrich Ausland, Rojas suspected they were one more link in a rotten pipeline. Aided by Ilari Vasyl, the two met up with Tumicelli’s operation in Salzburg, where they had just sold several children to some unknown buyers.

Underestimating the resistance they would be given, it turned into a massive shootout between Tumicelli and his thugs and Vasyl and Rojas. Rojas was hurt in the process and the surprise that was uncovered was that it was actually Wasslyk running the operation, not Tumicelli, as was suspected. As Wasslyk was the one ready to put the final bullet in Rojas’ head, Vasyl came to the rescure, laying down suppressive fire that chased her off.

When the dust cleared, Tumicelli was arrested as were several of his agents but Wasslyk has slipped away with the cash as well as some trusted underlings. It seemed that Wasslyk was the one running the show from the start and it was she who had the grand schemes, not Tumicelli. She was anything but pretty eye candy.

Saverio Tumicelli

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