Sarah Hester

A British CIA agent


2 point contact for Wolfgang Fechtner.

Sarah Hester is the daughter of Dr. William Hester of the British Museum. Raised with an academic background, she also excelled in athletics. Her understanding of languages and her brief experience working in the financial district at the London Bullion Market made her an excellent choice for recruitment for the CIA. Since her recruitment, she has worked throughout the UK – and brief stints in continental Europe – to gather intelligence for the CIA on various financial suppliers for terrorist networks, working to shut down their financial pipelines.

Several weeks ago Sarah, and a team of operatives had the opportunity to intercept a package from a banker with Bichi National Bank. However, the team was mistaken on the extent of the bank representatives’ security detail. The entire team was eliminated, except for Sarah, who managed to escape with a single smart phone. As she was pursued by the banker’s security detail, she managed to spot a friendly face, Wolfgang Fechtner of the BND. Dropping the smart phone in his lap, she moved on her way, with the expectation she would return for it once the pursuers backed off.

Incidentally, Fechtner then scanned the phone for trackers and bugs, deactivated them and noticed an unusual file on the phone, titled 77 Mole Hunt. Not having the opportunity to examine the phone in more detail, he noticed just a few files, Fechtner stored the phone in a safe deposit box (presumably not with Bichi).

Recently, Sarah Hester reconnected with Fecthner and became involved, at least at the periphery, of his investigation into Lord Blakeford Caldwell of the Caldwell Foundation. Much to the dismay of Cal Morrison, Hester managed to position herself as an MI5 asset runner with Lord Caldwell, convincing her she was running the operation with him as her asset.

Currently, she is in the greater London area, ensuring that Lord Caldwell remains safe.

Trust is not high with Sarah Hester and the team, specifically, Cal Morrison. She is held at arm’s length and her activities highly scrutinized.

Recently, she appeared in Amsterdam with a small CIA field team that extracted Illary Vasyl, Franco Selvaggio, Vicente Rojas and Luigi Cardellini from a hot situation involving an Edom kill team.

Sarah Hester

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