Samantha Anderson

A woman who paid the price for her assistance


Little is, as of yet, known about Inspector Samantha Anderson. She died, falling from the top of a parking garage, with Dracula Unredacted clutched between her arms. It is unknown whether or not she was the mysterious Hopkins whom Pascal Lerue had been communicating with for several months, but is considered unlikely and may have been an agent of Hopkins.

Inspector Anderson was a member of the Minor Crimes Division, working on such things as pickpockets, vandalism and so on within the greater London area. The investigators attempted to scope out her apartment but with the chaos that ensued after her death it was not yet possible but perhaps the cases she was working on could provide some insight as to how she came in possession of Dracula Unredacted.

Either way, she appears to be, at least tangentially, a victim of the mysterious Edom. Her sacrifice should not be forgotten.

Samantha Anderson

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