Reginald Hillary ("D")

An outspoken professor of law


Professor Reginald Hillary is a lettered professor of law at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. As a legal scholar, he has been outspoken on the topic of governmental overreach, as well as proposing centralizing citizen groups to oversee the actions of the government and ensuring that the various intelligence agencies are not over stepping their boundaries on the War on Terror.

Prof. Hillary is older and an invalid who is attended to by a nurse and a personal assistant. When speaking with Wolfgang Fechtner, under the guise of a member of MI5, Prof. Hillary revealed an unusual letter, an item that may have been the original letter sent to Dracula, proposing an alliance. The letter, the Dracula Proposal, was an artifact that he stated he received from an associate, someone who may be able to assist greater.

Overall, Prof. Hillary seems to be a reluctant believer in the events surrounding the Dracula Dossier, and may prove to be a helpful ally – unless Edom decides to eliminate him.

Reginald Hillary ("D")

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