Pascal Lerue


Edom Codename: CAPSTONE

Pascal grew up in central western France, a bit south of Paris. Even in the sixties and seventies he grew up and around constant reminders of the Nazi occupation of WW2. One friend of the family Robert Hebras one of the few survivors of the massacre of Oradour. Out of school Pascal joined the French army and out of that he joined Interpol.

Interpol sent him to Eastern Europe where he dealt with the chaos of the fall of the Soviet Empire. There his job was to follow, photograph, and identify criminal elements. He spent years tracking down and cataloging many different criminal groups. He wrote reports on everything and slowly rose through the ranks of Interpol.

He found himself behind a desk and seen as a dinosaur, He didn’t fully understand all the new tech and his ways of using real film, wanting agents on the ground, and double checking sources was out dated. The writing was on the wall and he was looking at earlier retirement. He started to get his own papers in order and looked into some of his older reports and started to notice changes that had been made to them. At first he thought it was just translation errors but there was a clear pattern of criminal elements that were being changed and deleted from official reports. As he looked into it with the same patience and thoroughness of when he was a field agent he made notice of someone higher up looking into his doing. He came up with a way to end his investigation that made it look like he found what he was after and took the retirement.

He then went to Kiev and meet with Ivan Zhenya. Zhenya was able to get him some old KGB files. From there he went to Bucharest and that is where things went wrong. He doesn’t know exactly what he did to tip off the enemy. He was attacked at night by some creature that came in through the window of his hotel. He things it was a Vampire or something like that. He didn’t want to believe it at first but with some records he got from the KGB and from Kelley Reynolds of the CIA he believes he stumbled onto something big. He followed the money and that led him to London where he is sitting low gathering information and trying to come up with a plan of investigation.

Symbol: France. He is a patriot and grew up on stories of the French Resistance.

Solace: Robert Hebras. Robert survived a horrific attack by the SS. Because of Robert Pascal knows there is great evils in the world and then need to be fought and resisted.

Safety: He inherited a small house on the shore in Sete France from his maternal grandmother.

Drive: Patriotism

Pascal Lerue

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