Nina Vasyl

Sister of Illari Vasyl


Nina Vasyl is an immigration attorney with the London firm Kingsley Napley, LLC, a major firm in London. Nina’s main areas are securing work visas and permanent residency for the amount of workers brought over from Eastern Europe. Naturally, this is a difficult job as there are many skilled and unskilled laborers who not only need to go through background checks but the increasing resistance at accepting foreign workers who will take a domestic person’s job, creates mountains of paperwork and effort on Nina’s part.

Nina is particularly sensitive to the rights of immigrants as she, herself, is an immigrant, from the Ukraine. However, her language skills including English, Russian, Romany and German make her an ideal candidate to oversee some of these tasks.

Additionally, Nina has a brother, Ilari Vasyl, in the intelligence community. She does not have the opportunity to speak with him as often as she would like as he travels abroad quite often and she knows better than to ask him about his work. But she is always delighted to see him when the opportunity presents itself.

Nina Vasyl

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