Natalia Constantin

An unstable arms dealer


A waif-like girl who could be in her mid teens, based on her youthful looks, or she could be much older. An arms dealer with connections all over Europe and suspected to have even deeper connections with the Romanian intelligence services, Natalia Constantin is an unknown force in the arms community. Her hard gray eyes like a winter sky show an intense intelligence as well as more then a little insanity. She often carries a canvas bag as big as she is, usually full of numerous weapons.

Constantin imports weapons – mostly Russian-made handguns and rifles, but she can source knockoffs of other weapons and heavier materials if the money’s right – from Transnistria. She drives a container truck with concealed smuggling compartments, and offers a 72-hour delivery service. If someone has her number, they can call their wild friend, Constantin and within three days she’ll be at their door with a truck full of guns – and that is when the real party starts. The fact that she is addicted to a Moldovan amphetamine called Vint (a mix of ephedrine, iodine, and red phosphorus), and, if she ever comes down, she’ll crash for days.

Natalia Constantin is everyone’s friend, including, it seems, Radu Leutner of Leutnar Fabriechen. She is especially the friend of anyone who is in the market for Russian hardware. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of criminal groups in Europe, and, with few exceptions, has manged to stay on the good side of nearly everyone. However, her connection with the mysterious underworld figure, Mr. Happy, is a question that few have been able to answer, as Mr. Happy is known as an underworld fixer contact for assassins and their contracts. Either way, Natalia is known to party hard and is rumored to kill hard, as well.

Constantin has had some amazing luck in the short time she has been in business. Her competitors have a nasty habit of getting pinched, getting killed or just disappearing. Further, there are stories that she buries packages out in Transylvanian fields for reasons unknown to most expect she and, perhaps, her close and small network of underlings.


Natalia Constantin

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