Marion Moore

A finder of secrets


Contact: 4 points for Ilari Vasyl


Marion has been a staple in the digital intrusion ‘industry’ for as long as she has had a computer. Using the handle ‘Sm0ke,’ Marion has worked hard to expose corporate secrets, reveal government cover-ups and get to the truth. Her idealism and counter-culture lifestyle is something she prides herself on, maintaining that a pseudo-anarchist position is the only true way to be free. Feeling that groups like ‘Anonymous’ and people like Julian Assange were modern heroes in a new movement, Marion has had this philosophy close to her heart.

Marion’s husband, Ian Moore was a motivational force behind young activists against any cause that he felt was confining the human spirit. He was typically the first one with a bullhorn at his mouth during street protests and riots. While Ian took to the streets, Marion would support him from her keyboard.

However, Ian’s arrogance and glory over ‘fighting the good fight’ caused him to have a blind eye to how his own ego and importance eclipsed some of the causes he was supporting. His rage would often boil over, going from bravado and hyperbole, to actual rage. And this would often happen at their London flat. The slightest provocation from Marion would result in abuse by Ian. And as things got worse, Marion became more frightened. All of her friends were his friends and nobody would believe that this modern Messiah could do something like that.

There was one person who believed her, however.

Ilari Vasyl was close with Marion for several years. Ilari had consulted with her on several occasions while in London. The two had grown close and whereas there had been some sexual attraction between the two, Marion would never have betrayed Ian’s trust. But as Ilari sat back and watched what was happening with Marion, living in an abusive relationship, he decided to act.

When Marion was hospitalized, Ilari paid Ian a visit to set him straight. However, Ian had been drinking and had become bellicose when confronted. One thing led to another and when Ian pulled out a knife, not knowing exactly who Ilari was, Ilari simply pulled out a gun and put a bullet in his head.

Ian’s numerous followers and the liberal press called foul, suspecting it was corporate enemies or government spooks in the employ of an angered politician. The streets of London erupted for a week into seething anger, while Ilari slipped away. Whereas he and Marion never discussed the details of what happened, Ilari suspects she knows his role in Ian’s death.

Currently, the two are still friends as well as working together professionally, from time to time. She owns a farm in Somerset and has provided a place to stay when the heat got too high in London.

Marion Moore

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