Magda Paz

A mysterious reseacher


Magda Paz is an associate of Franco Selvaggio. She claims that her past was one of a brutal upbringing. Stating that in her youth she was kidnapped by a band of decadent human traffickers, she learned about the occult and even vampires, something that nobody put a great deal of faith into. It was only recently, that Franco began to put more trust in her strange claims.

In addition to being an expert in occult matters, Magda is an accomplished field medic, acting as a secret medical expert with shadowy characters and mercenaries throughout Europe. Whereas Franco may have had a sexual relationship with her in the past, he has certainly had a professional one, using her medical services in times of need.

It was also recently revealed that she had a connection with Dr. Oskar Beaufort, perhaps the two having a relationship in black market medical devices and research. She helped save Illari Vasyl from his bout of vampirism before it took hold of him body and soul.

Poor Magda met her end after coming too close to the conspiracy in her occult research. Having her body taken over by Dracula, she appeared at one of Beaufort’s safehouses and attacked the agents with a combination of corrupted blood and arcane attacks but was taken down by Pascal Lerue, Cal Morrison and Wolfgang Fechtner.

Magda Paz

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