Madame Karolina

A Turkish medium in London


Madame Karolina, born ‘Karolina Aslan,’ is a Turkish citizen whose history intersects with that of Cal Morrison and Gloriana Ambry. Karolina’s older sister, Dilruba, was saved by agent Morrison in a CIA operation that also, passively, involved Gloriana. This led to eternal gratitude on Karolina’s part towards Cal. Thanks to Cal, Dilruba has gone on to have a successful career in photojournalism, documenting the plight of underprivileged individuals and victims of humans rights abuses in eastern Europe and her native Turkey.

Karolina, however, it was learned, possesses an unusual gift. Karolina is suspected to be a powerful medium with strong connections to the supernatural world, communing with spirits, receiving visions and ‘second sight.’ While Karolina lives off a stipend from a wealthy family, she has been unable to truly use her gifts for fear of bringing undue attention from a world that would have her labeled as an oddity or a side show. This has not, however, stopped her from trying to share her gifts with government agencies in efforts to prevent acts of terrorism or other tragedies that she has ‘seen.’ Up until recently, most groups have been dismissive.

Cal Morrison recently discovered that agent Kelly Reynolds of the CIA has approached Madame Karolina in an effort to use her vision to produce results. It is unclear whether or not this request was sanctioned by Chief of Station Eloise Buckley or is something agent Reynolds is doing on her own.

Further, Cal asked Madame Karolina to use the Spirit Board found in the home of Hela Cuthbert Singleton to commune with the spirit world. Cal was shocked to discover just how potent Karolina’s abilities were.

Unfortunately, in early July, she was one of several Edom victims in the Night of the Purge.

Madame Karolina

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