Lou Mangiotti

The CIA main man in Bucharest


Operating under official cover as the senior commercial officer at the US Embassy compound in Bucharest, Mangiotti spends most of his time dealing with his SIE counterparts on the War on Terror and drug smuggling topics, and occasionally poking his nose into various US military operations in Romania. Every so often, he hits a corporate reception for some American bank, oil company, or entertainment conglomerate and makes noise about the “importance of trade to our countries’ friendship.” He makes time to go glad-hand producers and other financiers when Hollywood films shoot in Romania, perhaps because Hollywood budgets are even easier to launder CIA black cash through than drug smugglers are. And he might get to meet Chris Evans, or The Rock.

He takes intelligence work more seriously than he does his commercial liaising, although the difference between the two is sometimes fuzzy in his mind.

Any agents who has come to Bucharest investigating the Mirga Clanuri or Ruvari Szgany, knows he has a file on them but they seem to rate slightly below his radar to care or make a move. Though, he has enough desire to get out of what amounts to a Third World country to follow up on leads. These would include burned spies setting off bombs in Bucharest or upsetting his apple cart. He would have no problem putting everything he’s got on it. And with a $150 million black budgets, a fleet of SUVs, and the full and eager cooperation of the SIE, “Everything he’s got” amounts to a lot.

He’s lazy, not truly incompetent, and if it could mean a posting in Berlin or Paris, next, he’s not even lazy.

However, much to the chagrin of Vincente Rojas, Mangiotti does not subscribe to the importance of human trafficking, dismissing it as a ‘low priority.’ It is unclear whether or not he knows or cares about Steffi Hanzer (Unicorn) and the Project Sunflower operation or whether Eloise Buckley in London has even shared this with him. But to prove his usefulness, he would love to apprehend or detain individuals like Cal Morrison, who the CIA is still interested in talking to.

Mangiotti and Morrison have a storied past and when Mangiotti asked Morrison to conduct an extraction of a terrorist, Haluk Ozturk, in order to interrogate him, Morrison agreed. However, when the operation not only went poorly but also resulted in CIA agents disrupting the assignment, the two men suddenly had a rift between them. The rift was repaired when Mangiotti explained that his men merely wanted Ozturk to escape and have it look real so that further terrorist cells with whom Ozturk was connected, could be rounded up. In return, Mangiotti supplied Morrison with the name Sigmund Walther, an expert in international espionage and criminal activity.

Whereas it is impossible to ever determine the motives of someone, subsequent information came to light from Fox Schillnger, a desk analyst in Bucharest, that suggested that Lou held up his end of the bargain with Cal and the team, by giving Fox unfettered access to data and other sensitive CIA files.

Lou Mangiotti

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