Lord Cecil Delapole

An exiled nobleman


Lord Cecil Delapole was the center of a covered-up scandal in 1997, where he, according to several sources, physically attacked Princess Diana at a church function. According to the MI5 report, after having spent time with a ‘strange foreign woman’ his personality changed and he then attempted to do ‘great bodily harm’ to the princess. On his person he was found with a note that read, ‘He will not let this go.’

Having been removed from his government posts and sent into exile, Lord Delapole was left by his wife and used his fortune to establish a winery in Montpellier, France. He also began to subscribe to the numerous far-flung conspiracy theories that impacted the Royal Family, including ones of the David Icke variety.

More recently, Delapole was spotted in Montreaux, Switzerland where he was attending an auction that involved several nefarious individuals with suspect backgrounds.

Lord Cecil Delapole

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