Lord Blakeford Caldwell


Edom codename: Peacock

Lord Caldwell is on the board of the Caldwell Foundation, the charitable institution formed by Lord Henry Caldwell, the 4th Lord Caldwell, in 1927. Since, by the Foundation’s charter, there must always be a Caldwell sitting on the board of directors, it is Lord Caldwell who wields a great deal of influence, but he hardly has the last word on anything. He is a board member, like all other board members. His cousin, Sir Henry Caldwell, also sits on the board.

Lord Caldwell seems to have an interest in unusual and fringe science projects as he has, apparently, fought vigorously for funding for these groups.

Lord Caldwell proved himself to be an eccentric individual who believes in a vast vampire conspiracy. Eventually he admitted his beliefs to the investigators and provided them with the Lord Caldwell Article, the Sickman Memo and the Cushing Zeus Transcripts. Further, when they rescued him from a Ghoul pack, he decided to side with them, vowing the secret support of the Caldwell Foundation. Lord Caldwell has proven to be an erstwhile ally of the investigators, clearly believing in the existence of vampires even though he does not seem to know or understand the full ramifications of what he knows or how dangerous his knowledge is to forces like Edom.

It was recently discovered that Lord Caldwell is the proposed target of an Edom character assassination. Agent Sarah Hester agreed to watch over Caldwell and ensure that Edom’s efforts will not be easy.

Lord Blakeford Caldwell

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